Decorative pillow - rose

If you are tired of boredom, get busy! A great option for a good time is a hand-made. Products of own production will not only please you, but will certainly surprise your relatives. This hand-made article is an interesting present for a girlfriend for March 8 or just like that. Easy, not expensive, and most importantly - from the heart! - Here are the main components of the perfect gift! So, in order to personally make a nice decorative pillow in the form of a rose, we need the following: -Not large pieces of fabric (you can use absolutely any fabric) that harmoniously blend in color . -Paper for paper, pencil and scissors. -Naturally, the needle and thread, matched in the color of the rags. -Sintepon or any of its substitutes for stuffing the pillow. -A little imagination and free time . First of all, we take the paper for the pattern, with a pencil we make sketches of different size - these are the future rose petals. We need 5 - 6 patterns of different sizes.Cut them.
 Decorative pillow rosette
We fold each flap in half with the wrong side up and with a pencil draw a pattern. Cut the part along the outlined contour, do not forget to leave the allowance for the seam. Thus, we get 2 halves of one petal at once. We need somewhere 5 petals for the first smallest pattern, 5 petals for the second largest pattern, 3 petals for the third pattern, 6 petals for the fourth pattern and 5 for the fifth. I would recommend not to cut out all the details at once, since each has its own eye, and some petals of some size may be needed, and some smaller than I indicated. As the pillow is assembled into a single whole, you yourself will be guided by the number and size of the petals, as well as by the color combination.
 Rosette decorative pillow
Sew on rounded edge, we twist our workpiece and do not heavily fill our petal with a sintepon or any other filler. We turn and carefully sew the remaining edge. We do this with all the details available.
Decorative pillow of a rose
Begin by hand to collect petals in a pillow. Starting with the smallest - this is the future core of the flower. We sew blanks at the base of the petal, distributing them in a chaotic order (where there are voids, go there and apply the petal). Petals that are slightly larger in size, need to “hush up” slightly in the center, make a recess. So we'll make the leaf look up and hold the shape of the bud.  Decorative pillow of a rose
We continue to sew the petals, moving from small to large. In the last two rows, you can not make a recess, because we need a pillow with a stable base, but if you get a large product, you need to be guided by the situation. If you ask, do it.  Decorative pillow rose That's it! Pillow is ready! It can be decorated with beads, decorative stones, or you can leave it as it is. It turns out pretty niceand most importantly exclusive!
 Decorative pillow rosette
We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and may the inspiration never leave you for a moment!

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