Decorative Vase

Any thing made by hand, has the greatest value than just bought in a store. Especially if it is an interior item, in this case, you can choose any size, shape and style that suits your room. A vase is one of the interior elements that can be made of plastic and glass bottles, using materials such as yarn, colored paper, slivers, ribbons, or twigs of various trees. The vase decorated with various cereals and bean grains looks very unusual and original. To prepare such a vase, we need a plastic bottle, scissors, clay, rice, peas, red beans and wheat grain.
rice peas red beans
Take a plastic bottle and cut off the upper part with scissors, we don’t need it anymore.
Take a plastic bottle
Then take the white clay and soften it with your hands, then apply it with a thin layer on the surface of the bottle.The thickness of the clay should be about 1-2 mm, if it is smaller, the grains will not adhere well, but they will not fix well on the surface of the clay. apply plasticine
Now that the entire surface of our bottle is evenly covered with a layer of plasticine, choose the pattern that you like. Various geometric shapes of irregular shape will look very nice.
evenly covered
Let's clap the top and bottom of the bottle with wheat. This is very easy to do: we lower the bottle into the dishes with the contents first with one end, then with the other. The boundaries of the upper and lower parts are made wavy. In order for croup not to crumble, you need to lightly press it to the surface by gently pressing your fingers.
 Stick around the top and bottom of the bottle
Having defined the main picture, put a shape similar to an inverted drop from the pea in the center of the future vase.
lay out the form
First, lay out the borders of our drop, and then fill in the entire figure we have chosen.
>img src="" alt="lay out the picture" title="lay out the picture">
When the base of our drawing is ready, the outside of the drop is covered with red beans in two layers.
cover with red beans
 in two layers
Thus, we get the picture" drop in a drop ".
 drop in drop
Our main composition is ready, now we make out the background of a vase with white rice. To make the work go faster, pour a small amount of rice on the surface and press down lightly so that the grains are well fixed. By this method we fill all free space with croup, the smaller the grains are, the more beautiful the overall picture will look.
 free space with rice
 drawing on a vase
That's it! With ordinary cereals,we were able to turn a simple plastic bottle into real art.
 Decorative vase
It only remains to supplement it with what it is intended for, in our case, we use pine branches.
Decorative vase
A handmade vase will become an unusual decoration for any interior. In addition, such a thing will be in a single copy. And do not forget that the process of making such a vase itself will bring great pleasure to those who truly appreciate creativity.

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