Decoupage cover on the passport

Decoupage is one of the interesting modern needlework techniques that is widely used for the manufacture and decoration of handmade products. It is very diverse and interesting in that the range of products for creativity is very rich and the theme of decoration can be the most diverse. For example, you can decorate the essentials that you can do for yourself using the decoupage technique, as well as use them as presents and gifts. Quite often we buy covers for documents. Here, even take a passport, although once a year we change the cover simply because it breaks and wears. Yes, and monotony like that bothers, which is why the decoupage technique is good. The same cover can be turned into a bright and colorful one and do it yourself. For this, we need to take a master class: • A regular store cover for a passport; • A napkin for unpacking with poppies of size 21 * 21 cm; • White acrylic paint; • Acrylic red paint; • Glossy acrylic varnish; • Smallplates; • Paint brushes and a special fan for decoupage; • Sandpaper; • PVA glue; • • Garbage bag and a regular plastic bag; • • Foam rubber small sponges.
We place a garbage bag on our workplace, pour white paint and about 15-20% of plain water in one plate. Stir well. Expand the cover and put on the package.
 Expand the cover
 We grip the sponge
We glue the sponge and apply a layer of paint with soft movements. Dry the layer under the warm steam of the hair dryer, but or wait until the layer dries itself. Apply the second layer and also dry. We look for the surface to be perfectly evenly painted, if there are places where spots are still visible through, then we also apply a third layer. Dry until completely dry.
 Dry until completely dry
Gently fold the cover half and the paint begins to fall off the edge.We don’t need to get upset, we don’t need it there, the cover will be painted over with a different color.
 fold the cover
the cover will be shaded with another color
Once again unfold and put it on a clean package. Preparing a napkin.
 Deploy and place again
 Preparing the napkin
Unfolding and removing the top layer from it.
Cooking napkin
 Carefully cut off the two you want
Carefully cut off the two rectangles we need and apply to the cover to cover completely the places where the white paint is applied.
 Gently cut off the two necessary
 We lay out the cover
We dilute glue and water in another in one ratioplate, all very well and stir this glue mass with a sponge glue a napkin on the cover, starting from the center, first one rectangle, then the other. Do it carefully so as not to tear the napkin. Drying the surface with a hair dryer.
Putting the cover
 over the edge with red acrylic paint
Lay out the cover, cut off a small a piece of sponge and promakivaem down from the top down along the edge of red acrylic paint. We make a couple of layers.
 go through the edge
 go through the edge
Fold in half and still go through the edge.
We fold half
 go through the edge
Deploy m cover and circle sponge on the edge. The main paint.

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