Decoupage plates

In this master class I will tell you how to turn a simple plate into a decorative piece of furniture using decoupage technique and spot painting technique. For work, we will need: 1 . Glass plate. 2. The napkin is dense, 3-layer. 3. Acrylic lacquer for artwork. 4. Acrylic paints for artwork. 5. The contours of the glass and ceramics company Sonet. 6. Glue for building pva. 7. Brushes. 8. Sandpaper "null".
 work we need
Step 1.Lay out a napkin, put a plate over it, choose a fragment, which we will decorate the plate, circle and cut it. Separate the top layer with a pattern from the cut-out fragment, and we will continue to work with it.
 circle and cut
Step 2.Bonding napkins. To do this, wash the plate with any detergent and dry it. Turn the plate upside down and put the napkin on it a pattern down.Then gently drip the water on the napkin carefully until it is completely wet. After that, use your fingers or a brush to smooth the napkin on a plate, removing creases and air bubbles that have appeared. Then we dilute the PVA glue to a liquid state and pour a little glue into the center of the plate. From the center to the edges we begin to spread a napkin, especially carefully doing it around the edges. Everything must be done very carefully, light touches, because wet wipe easily stretches and breaks! Then we dry the napkin with a hairdryer.
 put a plate over it
 Gluing a napkin
 drip water with a brush
a little glue to the center of the plate
That's it looks like a glued and dried napkin.
 pasted napkin
 dried napkin
Step 3.IMPORTANT! Varnishing napkins. Varnishing will protect the napkin from being soaked with paint upon further priming and will give the pattern a rich color! Glued and dried cloth covered with acrylic varnish in2 layers with a drying dryer each layer. After varnishing using sandpaper, remove excess pieces of napkin along the edges and carefully sand the remaining folds.
Varnishing a varnish with varnish

Step 4.Priming. Apply white acrylic paint on the dried varnished napkin using a piece of foam rubber. The first layer should be thin, dry it with a hair dryer, apply the second layer and also dry. Then you can cover the plate with acrylic paint that matches the color of your napkin and paint it so that the reverse side of the plate also looks beautiful.
DIY priming

Step 5.Contour painting. In this case, the drawing of a napkin is circled around the glass with the contours of gold and silver in the technique of dot and contour (continuous) painting, which gave the plate additional decorativeness. Contour painting
 contours of gold and silver color

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