Excellent quality fryers in an assortment

Crunchy crust - a sign of cooking in deep fat, will not leave anyone indifferent. That is why in many homes today you can find a simple household kitchen appliance called a fryer. Its task is simple: to cook food in a large amount of fat, both vegetable and animal. Fryers differ among themselves on:

  • temperature ranges
  • oil volumes;
  • capacity;
  • filters;
  • the presence or absence of a timer, etc.

Modern manufacturers are striving to endow their fryers with a wide variety of useful features to make appliances even more unique and attractive to buyers.

Deep Fryer - History and Modernity

The technology of cooking in large amounts of fat has long been known. For example, in Russia in the XVII-XVIII centuries there was a method of cooking products in fat.For this purpose, a massive pan was used in which the product was placed, floating in oil. The pan was placed deep in the oven, where the product was thoroughly roasted.

The first deep fryers, similar to those used today, appeared at the end of the XIX century. Naturally, they did not have half the qualities that modern devices possess.

Industry sets the following tasks for fryers:

  • security;
  • cost;
  • aesthetics;
  • usability;
  • ease of maintenance, etc.

The target audience of deep fryers is wide. They are used in everyday life and in catering. The model range is represented by many well-known brands. Manufacturers such as Vitek, Tefal, Philips, Severin, etc. are most popular with consumers. In recent years, devices for roasting in oil from domestic manufacturers of competitive decent quality have appeared.

Where to buy fryers

The model range is quite diverse, because when choosing the first thing you need to pay attention to your own preferences.In order not to be deceived with quality, it is best to do this kind of purchase not in a spontaneous market, which attracts buyers with low prices, but in shops whose reputation does not cause any doubts. In these stores offer only high-quality proven product. Many today prefer to shop on the site All.biz, where in addition to quality and wide variety, they request reasonable prices.

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