Delicate chicken liver in a slow cooker

Liver is perfect for dinner. Inexpensive, satisfying and fast. Ways of cooking mass - just with onions, vegetables, cream, as pancakes and liver cake.

Chicken liver - a version of the dish for proper nutrition. It contains a large amount of iron (daily rate of 100 g!) And vitamin B9, heparin, which is necessary for normalizing blood clotting. Doctors recommend eating chicken liver with a breakdown and chronic fatigue.

With all this, chicken liver is a very low-calorie product. It has a lot of water and protein, so you can safely include this dish in the diet, even if you are on a diet.

The most important thing is to choose a fresh product. Pay attention to the color of the liver - it should be dark brown, with a shiny surface without blood clots and blood vessels. If the liver is orange or brown tinged, then it is frozen. There is nothing terrible in this, but there is no longer any utility in such a product.

We offer chicken liver recipe for the multicooker.It allows you not to use butter in cooking, which means it makes the dish even easier and more useful.

Photo: Natalia Akimova
Chicken liver800 gramsBulb onions1 pieceSour cream 15% fat200 gramsWheat flour1 tbsp.Garlic2 teethBay leaf1 piece
  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:8 minutes
  • Cooking time:45 minutes
  • Step 1.Cooking ingredients.

    Actually, everything you need to prepare a dish is in the photo. Liver pre-rinse with water. It is often advised to soak the liver in milk before cooking - it absorbs unpleasant odor and bitterness. In my opinion, it is worth bothering if you doubt the freshness of the product or are not dealing with chicken, but beef or pork by-product. Then, after washing, cover the liver with milk for an hour, and then blot it with a napkin.

    In this case, I did not have time for this.

  • Step 2.Cooking a liver. I mean, prepare.

    This is the longest part of the process. It is necessary to remove all films and strings, to cut the liver into plates. It takes the whole thing about 8 minutes and is very pleased with the cat, which is trimming.

    In the same step we cut onions.In the photo I have red, because only he was in the fridge. Take the best ordinary bulb, it is more fragrant.

  • Step 3.We load the multicooker liver and onions.

    Load the liver and onion into the slow cooker. If you have a good bowl, you can not even add vegetable oil. If in a non-stick coating you are not sure, add a drop to the bottom. And turn on the mode "for 15 minutes.

    Cook better with the lid open, stirring often. You may need less time - it is important not to overcook the liver. Look: as soon as the burgundy color and bleeding disappear, immediately proceed to the next stage.

  • Step 4.Add a tablespoon of flour.

    It is necessary so that your gravy does not turn out to be too liquid. But if you strictly follow the figure, this stage can be avoided. Flour does not add special taste properties, it just makes your gravy not very liquid.

  • Step 5.Add sour cream.

    This happens after your multicooker squeaks about the end of 15 minutes of frying. Just pour in the cream and mix it all together and turn the mode on for 30 minutes. Close the lid and garnish.

  • Step 6.Add seasonings.

    10 minutes before the end of cooking, open the lid, add bay leaf, squeeze garlic and salt. You can pepper a bit too, by the way. Close and let the dog do it.

    All! As a garnish, rice, buckwheat or couscous will suit the liver. Yes, and with spaghetti will also be very tasty. For dinner, I just ate my liver with a fresh salad. Why do we need extra carbohydrates? :)

    Bon Appetit!

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