Delicate Raffaello at home

It is possible to abuse sweet and harmful, but to deny yourself the pleasure all the time is even worse. A special love for all sorts of sweet delicacies is typical for women. Why take away the joy to enjoy and cheer up? Scientists have long proved that sweets can improve emotional state and even bring out of depression!

How to cook rafaello at home - a recipe with photos

Everyone knows what Raffaello is. Candy with a nut inside, sprinkled with coconut chips on top can not leave indifferent. Adults love this sweetness and adore children. Brand delicacy can be bought everywhere: in kiosks, supermarkets, etc. Or maybe it is better to make absolutely natural and high-quality raffaello sweets at home? You will be completely confident in the usefulness of the product, and the taste is identical to the finished products! In addition, you will significantly save your own money. So what is the recipe for "Raffaello" at home?

How to make "Raffaello" at home? Recipe

How to cook rafaello at home - a recipe with photos

Make these delicate, sweet and gourmet sweets for dessert. Surprise your family and treat yourself! A simple cooking method will not burden you, but on the contrary, it will bring only positive. In addition, you will need very few products. Read our tips carefully and follow them exactly.

Ingredients Required:

  • almond nuts - 1 tbsp
  • vanilla
  • coconut chips - 200 g
  • butter - 200 g
  • condensed milk - 1 bank

Cooking method:

  1. Well remember the butter with a fork. Pour the condensed milk, pour a little vanilla (on the tip of a knife) or vanilla sugar, 100 grams of coconut flakes. Beat with a mixer and send to the fridge (not to the freezer!) For at least 24 hours. In the future, we will sculpt candy, and for this you need to mass became quite thick.

    How to cook rafaello at home - a recipe with photos

  2. Next, we turn to the formation of candy. Use a dessert spoon to put in a stiff dough, put a nut inside and make a ball.

    How to cook rafaello at home - a recipe with photos

  3. After making the balls of all the cream, dip each of them in a coconut. Keep products in the cold as they may melt.

How to cook rafaello at home - a recipe with photos

The dish is ready! Now you know all the secrets of how to cook Rafaello at home. Delicate snacks will suit as a dessert even for a solemn event.


A few tips on how to make raffaello at home:

  • for making it is not necessary to take an almond, it can be replaced with a forest or any other. However, in this case, the candy will be different in taste from the store;
  • if you want to experiment, then put inside a nut instead of a nut. It will turn out incredibly fragrant and tasty if you take ripe strawberries or strawberries;
  • There is an even simpler recipe for Rafaello sweets: mix the condensed milk with coconut flakes and remember the mass with your hands. Then form the candy, and inside put any favorite stuffing. Optionally, at the end you can roll in chips;
  • for flavor instead of vanilla, you can drop a few drops of brandy. For this, flavored cognacs are well suited (amaretto, irish cream, etc.). It is also just perfect to complement the recipe for the Pina Colada cocktail drink. Its milky-coconut taste and smell will give a special highlight to the dish;
  • if you want to give a chocolate flavor, then put some cocoa in the condensed milk. Do not overdo it so that it does not give unnecessary bitterness.

We are sure that homemade dishes are always the best, because they are prepared with love and positive emotions! Bon Appetit!

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