Delicious and easy pancake cakes recipes

Desserts like everything. Each holiday ends with the supply of sweet dishes, most often cakes. The original cake and unusual taste is remembered for a long time. He can overshadow all previously served meals. The recipe for a successful culinary masterpiece in great demand, guests leave with a pleasant aftertaste of celebration.

Therefore, the dessert should be treated no less responsibly and reverently than to the main dishes in the menu. Cakes can be of different shapes and colors, differ in consistency and taste, but they are united by one main feature - these are sweet delicacies that give joy.

About desserts

Desserts can be bought. A huge range of cakes even makes it difficult to choose. You are standing in the store - and the "eyes run up." The cake can be ordered from the pastry chef, who will create an individual culinary masterpiece for any celebration, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

But there is a special category of desserts - homemade, hand-made with love, and without any serious reason. Just.To spend a sincere evening in the company of close people. Delicious breakfast together, preparing for the new day. To arrange a "sweet weekend". Such a dessert made at home is the pancake cake.

And it's all about him

Often we do not have enough free time to realize our culinary preferences and fantasies. And so you want to surprise and treat your dear and beloved! And here one of the recipes that we will share in our article can come to the rescue.

Cake from pancakes has a number of undeniable advantages, which any hostess who loves to cook sweet dishes will agree:

  • does not require much time for cooking;
  • manufacturing technology "cakes" known since childhood;
  • not inferior to the taste of baking;
  • requires a minimum of products;
  • An unusual cake that astonishes eaters.

This plain sweet dessert is cooked in a pan. No need to spend time on the dough, which can be unsuccessful, do not come up or do not bake. It is enough to knead the universal dough for pancakes and fry them. Then make a delicious cream and smear pancakes.

Dessert ingredients

How to cook a pancake cake? Elementary.Two simple ingredients seasoned with fantasy are enough:

  1. Pancakes They can be simple and yeast.
  2. Cream. Curd, sour cream, fruit, chocolate.

A beginner can even cook a cake. If guests unexpectedly came to the house, if you just wanted “something tasty” - then take a note of any of the recipes, or invent your own, original one.

There is a premonition that after reading our article, a new favorite dessert will appear in your house.

Four options of "merging"

First recipecake with condensed milk and sour cream, will allow you to prepare a rich and delicious dessert, from which you can not tear myself away. Simple ingredients can work wonders when used with love:

  • two eggs;
  • one hundred ml of milk;
  • one tablespoon of sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of salt;
  • three tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • two tablespoons of cocoa;
  • a glass of flour;
  • condensed milk with sour cream to taste;
  • preferably walnuts.

Prepare the dough for pancakes, mixing with a mixer a mixture of eggs, milk, sugar, salt, flour. We divide it into equal parts, adding cocoa to one of them. In a greased pan fry pancakes - white and brown.

For cream we use sour cream and condensed milk, mixing them with a mixer and adding chopped nuts.

Give the pancakes to cool and lubricate them with cream. Formed cake is removed in the fridge for an hour so that it is soaked and better cut later.

Second recipe- chocolate cake of pancakes, which can be varied with creams of condensed milk or curd, ground fruits and other things. Or use a ready-made, no less refined version of Nutella, which we offer:

  • a glass of flour;
  • two tablespoons of cocoa;
  • two or three tablespoons of sugar;
  • three eggs;
  • half a liter of milk;
  • baking powder and salt on a pinch;
  • one or two tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • one hundred fifty grams of chocolate;
  • one hundred and fifty ml cream and nutella.

Beat the eggs with salt, sugar and milk. Mix flour with baking powder and cocoa. Combine the mixture, bring to a homogeneous mass and set aside for thirty minutes. The cream is made of melted chocolate, nutella and cream. Vegetable oil is poured into the dough and cook pancakes. Apply the cream, let it brew. We decorate our “chocolate miracle” at will.

The thirdpancake cake will also be an excellent alternative to baked cakes and pies.It consists of openwork pancakes and cream, for which you can use cream cheese or cottage cheese, and watered with melted chocolate. Such a culinary masterpiece can be eaten immediately, without insisting. We will need:

  • two lemons and eggs;
  • half a glass of flour;
  • soda with salt on a pinch;
  • one teaspoon of sugar;
  • one tablespoon of vegetable oil;
  • a glass of milk;
  • half a glass of powdered sugar and cream;
  • one hundred grams of chocolate;
  • kilogram of cottage cheese;
  • vanilla to taste.

Cottage cheese mix with the zest of two lemons, vanilla, powdered sugar - this will be our cream. For the dough, mix eggs with flour, salt with baking soda, sugar with vegetable oil. Pour in the same milk to obtain a liquid consistency. On a preheated pan we bake pancakes.

Put curd cream on cooled pancakes. Chocolate melt in a water bath or in the microwave, adding cream to it. The resulting chocolate icing, casually spilled on the cake, will become its decoration.

Dessert is not only nourishing, but also very useful!

Finalfourth recipethe most unusual and elegant! This pancake cake will decorate the table, and will cause delight among friends and relatives.Unlike the three previous versions of products with cream, caramel sauce is used here. In appearance, the cake resembles a rose, and the taste of the sauce is long remembered. It is original in serving and taste, despite the simplicity and availability of products:

  • one egg;
  • a glass of flour;
  • tablespoon of sugar and vegetable oil;
  • two pinches of salt;
  • a third teaspoon of soda;
  • four hundred and fifty ml of milk;
  • twenty toffee;
  • two hundred ml of creamy cream.

Of course, you can use your favorite recipe for years to make pancakes. But to get delicate pancakes with holes, which are so necessary for composing the composition, we recommend sticking to the recipe. Then your rosebud will be the most realistic. It should make ten thin pancakes (diameter 21 cm).

Heat four hundred ml of milk and add an egg with a pinch of salt and sugar. Mixer whip until air foam is obtained. Separately sifted flour with soda, we introduce into the milk mixture, slowly and not long, so as not to destroy the air bubbles responsible for the holes in the pancakes. Long mixing gives the test of gravity and density.

As soon as you get a homogeneous structure - immediately turn off the mixer. Vegetable oil is poured into the dough so that the pancakes are better moved away from the pan. For frying the first pancake, it is desirable to lubricate the pan with oil and heat it well.

When all the pancakes are ready, choose the thickest. We take a detachable form, lubricate, lay our pancake on the bottom, forming low sides. We place in the oven at 180C for five to ten minutes so that the base for our rose keeps its shape well, having dried out a little.

For the caramel sauce, melt the toffee in the remaining milk, stirring constantly. Let the caramel cool. Whisk the cream, pre-cooling them. And then, without ceasing to beat, we introduce caramel into them. The resulting homogeneous mass will be our sauce. A couple of spoons of caramel should be left for decoration.

Each pancake evenly grease with two tablespoons of sauce, folding it with an accordion. We put in a round shape, starting from the side. Openwork edges will look like rose petals, if you properly and a little carelessly spread pancakes. Leave the caramel poured ready dessert, and feel free to serve.

Home-made recipes for pancake cakes are simple and versatile, but in the end it turns out delicious! Try it yourself.

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