Tasty Christmas Decor

Home decoration for Christmasis not only an American tradition, it is also popular with us. The most interesting thing to do with your own hands. Felt is very convenient for modeling material and it is very easy to make such festive sweets out of it.
 For making candy
For making candy and a cup, you will need the following tools and materials: - 3 sheets of felt of different colors: red, white, pink; - an empty tin can; - a small package of any cotton wool; - gold threads metallized; - paper or cardboard for workpieces; - pencil and ruler, dry soap; - scissors of 2 types - ordinary and with rounded tips; - needles, pins; - black electrical tape, double-sided tape or glue. First stageis to create blanks. You need to make a few paper forms for candy with a pencil and plain paper. These will be figures of different shapes, for candies - curved sticks, and for a cup - large circles. Even better, if you have cardboard or heavy paper.Then the blanks will be reusable. The next stepis the transfer of blanks to red felt. Come to the aid of dry soap for contour contour. Candies consist of 2 identical bent blanks that need to be sewn. When transferring, it is more convenient to use pins to secure the fabric, as well as scissors of 2 types. There are rounded places in blanks, so scissors with rounded ends will be very useful. Use the felt economically, place the workpiece closer to each other.
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With the result of 2 blanks for each candy, you can begin to sew samples . Threads must be durable and different in color from the basic materials. Connect the samples from the felt, select a thin needle and start to make a seam from the corner. The knot on the thread must be hidden inside. When sewing together the blanks, immediately fill the candy with cotton wool. To push inward, it is convenient to use a toothpick.When the candy is ready, prepare a thin strip of white or pink felt. It will have to be sewn to the finished stick. Wrap a strip around the candy and a thin needle sew it to the stick in the ground winding. It will be faster to pierce a wand through, moving in a zigzag.
 Christmas candy
 Christmas candy
 Christmas candy
Zack Exclusive candy finish- winding with the same thread around the stick. You can only use this winding or with a strip of a different color. Prepare a few candies, preferably 5 pcs., So that the cup seems more complete. You can use a decorated cup or a can as a stand for chocolates. Well suited high can or jar from under the nuts. To make the edges of the jars less sharp, you can glue them with black tape. You should also decorate the jar with felt.Circular blanks will be useful for the external and internal bottom of the jar. Glue can be replaced with double-sided tape. Glue a few strips of adhesive tape on the jar, and attach felt on top. A combination of felt with an insulating tape will make of a solid jar a beautiful decorated cup-stand for sweets. You can add other decor elements from above, for example ribbons, beads, sequins.  cup
 Christmas decor Finished decor can be placed on a table or on a shelf in the closet or you can add a hook to the cup and hang it on the wall.

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