Delicious Belyashi with meat

Delicious Belyashi with meat- a recipe.


  1. milk 300 ml;
  2. vegetable oil 50 ml;
  3. high-speed yeast 6 gr;
  4. flour 480 gr;
  5. sugar 1 tbsp. l.;
  6. salt 1 tsp.
  7. minced salt to taste;
  8. minced pork and beef 600 gr;
  9. onion 2-3 pieces;
  10. black pepper to taste;
  11. oil for frying 300 ml.


Prepare all the necessary ingredients. Yeast can be used both pressed and dry fast-acting. Milk is heated to a temperature of 35 ° C; this is very convenient to do in the microwave (40-60 seconds is enough). In milk, dissolve yeast, salt and sugar. Add vegetable oil and mix.

Add flour and knead a very soft, elastic dough. We do not immediately add all the flour, it can be a lot. Pour the flour in portions and knead the dough. Ready dough leave warm for 30-60 minutes. During this time, it will double and become very lush and tender.

Prepare the filling for whites. If you bought meat, then we pass it through the meat grinder along with the peeled onions. If you use ready-made minced meat, then chop the onion in a blender and add to the minced meat. Then salt and pepper forcemeat to taste and mix well.

The dough is divided into 10-12 parts. Each part is formed into a ball, and then thinly rolled out. Put a small amount of dough in the middle. We tighten the edges of the dough and pinch it so that there is a small hole in the middle, thanks to which the filling will be well cooked.

In a pan, heat the vegetable oil well. To check whether it is warm enough, just drop a piece of dough into it, if it starts to roast immediately, then everything is fine, and you can begin to fry belyashi. Dip the whites in the hot oil with a hole down. Fry for a few minutes over medium heat until golden brown.

Belyashi with meat ready - the most delicious hot.

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