Delightful decor from old baseboards that will save a budget

Is there a more familiar, simple and at the same time a good wall decoration than a frame with a photo? Some needlewomen go further and create a panel - also a good decoration, created from frames. Should I buy them in the store, if you can make very beautiful openwork photo frames and panels with your own hands? Just look, what an interesting thing is obtained as a result:

For work, take:

  • ceiling plinth (preferably polystyrene foam);
  • all-purpose adhesive;
  • liquid Nails;
  • brush;
  • putty knife;
  • knife;
  • protractor;
  • ruler;
  • acrylic paint and putty.

Begin to create!

1. We measure the desired length of the plinth with a ruler, cut and glue the parts together with the universal glue. Leave to dry.

2. We hide small gaps in the corners with the help of acrylic putty (or silicone sealant). Optionally, you can paint the frame with acrylic paint.

3With the help of liquid nails, the frame is mounted on the wall. Although, of course, you can use hooks.

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