Dent on furniture

In this article I will tell you how to remove a dent not only on furniture, but also on any wooden surface. I emphasize that the surface should be uncoated, i.e. a natural tree or as it is called, an array.
dent on furniture

Most often during the arrival the furniture will inevitably be damaged. So it was with us, as a result of which I want to share the way we removed the dents from wooden furniture.

This method is great not only for furniture, but also for wooden floors, doors, etc.

Stage 1: What we need

Everything necessary to remove a dent

The trick is pretty simple. We will use iron and steam.
We will need:

  • Iron
  • Paper towels or rags
  • Water

Stage 2: Steam the wood

Water the dent

We put a towel

Stroking the dent

Dent decreased

Carefully water the dent. Water should not be too much, just fill the hole.

Cover it all with a paper towel or rag. Water will soak it, it should be.

Now turn on the iron to the maximum and keep it in the deformed area, you can make small movements forward / back and in a circle. Press the iron firmly until your paper towel is dry.It will take some time until the water evaporates.

At this time, wood fibers absorb water and expand, returning to its original position.

Repeat this procedure several times until the dent is raised to the same level as the rest of the surface.

Stage 3: Grinding

Wood sanding

At this stage, the dent should already straighten and the surface will look pretty smooth. However, depending on the size of the damage, defects may still be noticeable.

Using sandpaper, we can lightly sand the surface of the wood. In the end everything will look like nothing happened with furniture!

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