Design in KENZO style by Olga Akulova

Decor, Workshop, Interior

Olga Akulova designstudio took up the interior design of this apartment, which is located in Kiev. The stylistic idea of ​​the interior was -Kenzo Home, as the hostess really likes the items created under the supervision of the designers of this Euro-Asian fashion house.

First of all, the architects dismantled all the non-carrying partitions of the room, re-forming the zoning, and got an open space, which was then divided by sliding partitions, an island with a stone facade and the concrete pillars remaining after dismantling. The balcony zone was also transformed, initially placed along the entire space and fenced from the apartment by a brick partition with window openings. Part of the balcony took up the space of the bedroom, part remained an open balcony like a mini-terrace, and part of it transformed into a glass bay window of the living room. A glass wall appeared in the bedroom, delimiting a balcony and a make-up and dressing area, revealing a stunning view of the small terrace garden, Podol and St. Andrew’s Church.

The open texture of the columns, white polymeric matte self-leveling floor, the board on the podium of the bay window and on the ceiling of the kitchen area are well suited to the chosen theme. An interior mini-garden was created in the living room and on the balcony, which became a kind of stylistic mix of gardens in East Asia and Europe, the design of which was developed by Zinco. In the evening, the view of the Hem from this apartment becomes magical: the lights of the St. Andrew’s Church and the Cabinet building are lit, the lights of the pedestrian bridge and the Friendship of Nations arch turn on. A wonderful place to relax and meet friends does not cease to please the owner of this interior.

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