Design solutions for the kitchen in Khrushchev

Small-sized kitchen: we beat the layout

Before you make repairs, evaluate the capabilities of the room, the location of the window, doors, the presence of niches, protruding boxes and other features. To cook with comfort, it is advisable to place all the equipment in the kitchen - taking the refrigerator to another room can hardly be considered a good solution. It is possible that in the kitchen you will have to place a washing machine - the bathrooms in the Khrushchev houses are not happy with the size either.
The radical solution is to demolish a wall or move a doorway. Minus such redevelopment - the need for complex approvals. Without permits, you cannot move the battery or the door, attach a warmed loggia to the kitchen, or disrupt the ventilation system. In addition, construction work is a long and expensive process.
Cost less by maximizing the use of available space. Analyze your lifestyle.A very small kitchen can only be used for cooking, moving the dining area to the next room. This solution is suitable for families in which a lot of cooking at home. If you prefer to warm up ready-made semi-finished products and make simple meals once a week, you can easily do with a kitchenette, leaving more room for a recreation area. If you do not need stoves with 4 rings or huge refrigerators, replace the equipment with a more compact one.When choosing a technique, note that non-standard narrow models can cost more than usual.
A very narrow kitchen can be visually expanded by placing floor cabinets around the perimeter. Leave one wall free, put a sofa along it, and in front of it set a narrow table. Another solution is to use the corners. A small triangular table made to order can be not only a dining area for one person, but also a workplace.

Colors and sizes: design features of a small kitchen

For the arrangement of a small kitchen is hardly suitable furniture of standard sizes. Your task is to use every inch of free space.By ordering narrower floor cabinets and replacing the stationary equipment built-in, you can save precious space. Make hinged cabinets high, right up to the ceiling, and place them as tightly as possible. Cabinets with blank doors alternate with glazed models or open shelves - this will add to the interior air.Do not forget to equip a quality hood - it will provide a good atmosphere in the kitchen.
Do not litter the kitchen. The freer the table surfaces, the more spacious the room looks. Suspend the microwave on the bracket or install small household appliances that are not used on a daily basis in the wall closet; put them on the shelves.
Engage in non-standard places. For example, remove the window sill, replacing it with a tabletop. In the niche, install the shelves and cover them with blinds - you will get a convenient closet-case, successfully replacing the storage room.
Designers are advised to decorate small kitchens in bright colors - cream, beige, silver, greenish. Delicate pastel background can be varied with several bright spots - for example, glossy cabinet doors. Replace long curtains with practical blinds.Consider the lighting system - in addition to the central ceiling lamp you should think about lighting the cabinets, the workplace and the dining area.

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