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Probably, every mother has a daily problem, where to store children's pencils designer. After all, the packaging of them are so often lost that you do not have time to follow them. I offer you one option - a handbag from a plastic bottle. With the help of this simple crafts you will achieve three goals: the ability to captivate a child (after all, the craft is easy, as a five-year-old child can take an active part in its manufacture), secondly, it is the best gift for a fashionable daughter, and the opportunity to spend her free time. br> For the manufacture of handbags you need to prepare the following materials:
  • Plastic bottle;
  • waste fabric flap;
  • tape or lace;
  • eyelets (you can do without them);
  • candle;
  • needle;
  • thin small elastic band.

We begin to manufacture handbags from a plastic bottle. Take a plastic bottle, cut off the top, and then put on her gum.We light a candle, on which we heat a needle. With a heated needle, make holes in the level of the rubber bands (the distance between them is 2-4 mm).  make holes
The elastic is used to make a smooth seam. Determine the length of the fabric.  Determine the length of the fabric By the way, you can take one piece of cloth and make only up the cloth in your purse, but if you take two pieces of cloth and hide and bottom of the bottle, the handbag will look better. To cut off the necessary length of fabric, you can take a centimeter and measure the bottle, or you can simply measure and cut the necessary quantity with a cloth. Immediately prepare the bottom. To do this, sew the fabric, leaving only the top unstitched. We turn it out and put it on the bottle.
 Unscrewing  dressing on the bottle Now proceed to the top of the handbag. Fold the fabric (on one side to 1 cm, and on the other hand first to 0.5 cm, and then to three). Foldingfabric
 We bend the fabric
Next we need to make holes for the tape. For this we need eyelets, but if they are not present, simply sheathe them , then eyelets will not be needed. In general, it will be no less beautiful without them.
 make holes for the tape
Stitch eat fabric
 unwind upper part
If you have a sewing machine at home, it will take you no more to create a handbag hours, and if you will sew manually, the time will be a little more. We sew the fabric from the wrong side and turn it out.
 using nodules
 Case for the designer
Now it's time to sew a fabric on the bottle, and it was for this that we made holes on the bottle with a needle.
 Design Case
A bottle is needed for rigidity and to protect the bag from sharp objects that can be stored in it. Both flaps of fabric should be sewn to the bottle at once, it will be more convenient and faster. At the same time, watch carefully so that in the end you can turn the upper part.
 Designer Case
Then pull the ribbon or string into the prepared thin hole.
Case for the designer
For a quick and convenient take of a pin. After that, take the guides and attach to both ends of the ribbon. Two large beads can be used as stoppers. Secure the beads so that they do not slide off the ribbon, one of the options, using nodules.
 Case for the designer
At the end of the work, see your creation all parties to make sure there are no defects. If there are flaws, they need to be corrected, and only after that give such a precious gift to the child. Whatever you do with your child, try,so that the child took part in this needlework. After all, nothing unites mother and child as a general fun activity.
 Case for the designer
Design Case

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