Designer furniture from the old "Beetle"

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Upcycling ("recycling") - a process that gives new life to nothing good things. This is best confirmed by the project of designer and TV hostMax McMurdofrom Britain. He acquired a 1974-type Volkswagen Beetle for just£ 700sterling (about $ 1,000). The designer did not dispose of the car, but on the contrary, dismantled it and created unique pieces of furniture!

The Briton called his projectBeetlemania, it includes25 pieces of furniture.

In each item presented there is one or another part of the car. For example, the desk lamp had previously been a car muffler, the sofa was in the back row of theVolkswagen Beetleseats, and the clock was a former speedometer. Among the furniture there are more original things, such as the antlers of the antlers, made from parts of the exhaust system.

Max McMurdostressed that he wanted to show people that you can create quality things from anything, even from a failed car.This idea was a great example of the disclosure of their own creativity, encouraging others to do something unusual with their own hands.

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If you think that the idea of ​​creating such furniture is interesting, but meaningless, then you are mistaken. In this way it is quite possible to earn money. For example, the original Volkswagen Beetle was valued at700 pounds, and the price of 25 pieces of furniture with accessories displayed on the site is5000 pounds(about $ 7,200). However, the creative designer will not accept the money - all the proceeds from the sale of unique furniture will be transferred to the charity fundThe Butterfly Tree, which helps children in Zambia.

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