Developing crochet cube

From the first years of a child’s life, many parents are serious about choosing toys for them. A toy should be safe, interesting and contribute to the development of the baby. Description of the cube. You can not only choose and buy a toy in the store, but also make it yourself. For example, a developing cube according to B. Nikitin and M. Montessori. It is noteworthy that the child will be able to play with such a cube for a long time. When making it, a mother can take into account not only the child's age, but also his favorite colors, shapes, and also come up with tasks that will be most interesting for the child. In the presented master class, a cube was made, each side of which is made in a different color. Part of the parties used to develop the perception of the world around them. For example, the side of the color of the rainbow with opening doors, behind which the sun is “hidden”. Other parties provide for the execution of any task.For example, on the blue side it is necessary to count the petals of a chamomile, on the lilac one, count the beads and put them in a net. Tasks can be completely different: their complexity and essence depend on the fantasy of the mother. Some of the elements of the cube are made of rustling materials, a small container with beads is placed inside one of the flowers, making a rattle. How and from what to make a cube. For making presented in the photo of the developing cube will need: • Knitting threads "Iris". You can take any other threads you like and have on hand, but in this case the choice was made precisely on “Iris”, since they are 100% cotton, presented in a diverse color palette, are commercially available and inexpensive; • Crochet hook, sewing game, scissors; • Regular sewing thread; • Cotton fabric; • Various rings, buttons, beads, small containers (for example, from under the Kinder Surprise eggs);
• Filling. Foam rubber, synthetic winterizer or any other safe material can be used as a filler for the cube. In this case, the cube is filled with polystyrene foam balls (for example, they are used as a filler in the manufacture of frameless furniture).The balls rustle quietly, so the cube turned out to be “rustling.” So let's get to work. • First of all, you need to decide on the size of the cube, and also think about the design of each side . In this case, the size of each face of the cube is 10 cm. Therefore, the 6 multi-colored sides of the cube were connected (each side was made separately) 10 by 10 cm. • • Once the sides are ready, they need to be decorated. For each side separately, it is necessary to select or manufacture shapes for decoration. It can be buttons tied with threads and knitted small toys, inside which you can put bead-filled containers from under the Kinder-Surprise eggs. • As you manufacture, the “development material” is attached to the sides of the cube with the help of threads.
• When the sides are decorated, it is necessary to make a base (it will be placed inside the cube) into which the filler will later be placed. Cotton fabric will be needed to make the base. • The next step is to build a cube. To do this, all its bright sides must be combined together. In this example, they are sewn among themselves with yellow threads using a crochet hook.Inside is placed the base with a filler. Now the cube is ready. In its manufacture it is important to remember that the baby will study the toy not only with the help of hands, but can also take it in the mouth. Therefore, all elements of the cube must be absolutely safe and securely fastened.
 Developing cube crochet with your own hands
Developing a cube with a hook with his own hands
 Developing a crochet cube with your own hands mi
 A developing cube with a crochet with your own hands
 Developing a cube with a hook with your own hands
 Developing a crochet cube with your own hands
 Developing a cube crochet with your own hands
 Developing a cube crochet with your own hands

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