Device for getting “dead” and “living” water

Remember as in an old Russian fairy tale: to liven up hero need to sprinkle it with "dead" water, and then drink "live". Today, the "living" and "dead" water is not fiction and not fiction. Of course, that in the literal sense it is impossible to revive or kill someone by the action of such water, but such water really has healing properties.  
Adeviceforgetting"live"and"dead"watercanbemadewithyourownhands.Toaccomplishthistaskyouneed:•2stainlesssteelelectrodes;•canvasbag;•glasscapacitance(jar);•dioderectifierbridgeforACvoltageconversiontopermanent;•powercordwithplug;•plasticcover.1.  To make a canvas bag need not rubberized tarpaulin, you can use a fire hose (50 mm in diameter). The length of the bag should correspond to the height of the glass jar in which it will be inserted. From the cut off the desired length of the canvas, make a bag.

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