Differences of female swordsman from male

If you decide to start breeding fish, you need to learn how to distinguish the swordtail female. It will not be possible to get offspring if only males swim in an aquarium.

What does a female swordtail look like?

In females, the fin is rounded at the end of the abdomen, not elongated, as in males. Caudal fin much shorter. The tail is not like a sword, it is smooth. The photo shows that the female swordtail has a rounded body shape. The male is elongated.

Female swordtail
The female swordtail is larger than the male
Photo: Getty

If a fish has a rounded tummy, then most likely it is pregnant or has eaten tightly. After conception, the female gives birth in 30-45 days. One insemination per year is enough and the swordtail produces fry 2-3 times a year. The female throws fry, even if there are no males in the aquarium.

In a pregnant female, a dark spot appears at the end of the abdomen.

By color it is not possible to determine the floor. But still, females are not as bright as males. Differences between the sexes are found in the form of the body and fins. Females are much larger than males.They grow up to 12-15 cm, when the male representatives reach only 11 cm.

Useful tips for determining the female swordtail

When breeding the Sword, it should be noted that the females can become males, that is, a redefinition of the sex occurs. This is due to the fact that the formation of sexual characteristics occurs in two stages: at birth and at the age of 4 months. Under adverse conditions, there is a change of sexes. Females become males if they do not receive a high-quality and balanced diet or the water temperature does not suit them.

Even spawning females can be reborn.

Accordingly, after the change of sex, visual signs appear, which determine the female or male. But male representatives remain larger. And this can be confusing when identifying sexual characteristics.

In order to avoid problems with breeding swordtails and do not give birth to hybrids, provide aquarium conditions with favorable conditions. In this case, accurately determine where the female will be much easier.

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