Different styles of makeup

Since ancient times, women have tried to bring something new to their appearance, emphasize their individuality and express their most striking features. The use of correct and suitable makeup, as well as possible, helped and still helps in this difficult task.

During the development of a civilized society, makeup has undergone many modifications and evolved into the one we used to see in everyday life. But the make-up styles during this time have accumulated a lot, each of them, in its own way, is interesting and unique, so which one is better to choose?

Makeup, as well as clothing, shoes, accessories, is subject to fashion trends. But, probably, it is not always worthwhile to blindly follow all the trends that fashion houses offer us every year. Makeup has its own history and is usually divided into separate eras, each of which followed its own rules and had its own icons of beauty.


Opinions of fashionable and well-known stylists differ greatly on how the makeup should look like in retro style, because its origins begin around the 20s of the last century, and end with the 50-60s.

Over the years, women's makeup has changed and transformed, but the similarities can still be traced. So, how to make a retro makeup?

The initial and most important moment of this style is the doll's appearance, everything must be perfect, first of all - the skin of the face. At that time, aristocratic pallor was in vogue, which was achieved by the absence of sunburn and a large layer of theatrical makeup.

At that time, frame processing technologies were not so advanced, therefore only with the help of bright and saturated shades of makeup you could add even more expressiveness to the characters' faces.

For everyday makeup, naturally, there will be a sufficient foundation cream a tone higher than you usually use. Apply it evenly to hide all skin imperfections and achieve a slight glow.

The next important aspect is the eyes. They need to pay special attention, a distinctive feature of this makeup - a bright black arrow along the line of the upper eyelid, which is usually supplied with liquid eyeliner or a soft black pencil, shading shadows.

Eyebrows special attention is not paid, it will be sufficient to give them the correct shape and slightly bring, using a soft shade.Do not forget about the eyelashes, they must look lush and voluminous, for this you can use artificial tufts, then paint them with black ink.

Do not forget to pay attention to the lips, it is worth remembering the makeup like that of Audrey Hepburn, whose eyes and lips were and remain the object of imitation of many women and girls.

Audrey had by nature plump and sensual lips, which she also visually enhanced with contour liner. The color of the eyeliner completely matched the color of the lipstick, which was preferably red or pink in a matte shade.

By the way, if you really completely match the style of Audrey, then do not forget about the rouge, which were applied to the cheekbones with a soft pink tint, sometimes combining with a peach.


The distinctive features of the makeup in the Greek style is perfectly smooth, with a bronze tint, skin and bright eyebrows. Remember what a Greek goddess should look like, what perfect features these divas possessed. Approximately this effect should be achieved, and you, so that the makeup turned out to be as believable as possible.

To create a make-up in the Greek style, you need a foundation, a blush and a bronzer.Achieve perfect skin with foundation, and a blush and bronzer will help give your cheekbones a truly Greek touch.

Blush is induced by a broad brush from the middle of the cheekbone to the temples, everything is thoroughly shaded. The next important point is eyebrows. Do not be afraid to overdo it, eyebrows should have a clear outline, it is important to paint over each section, fixing everything with a special gel.

Eye makeup has a more free form, but it must be matte brown and iridescent golden shadows, you can add a slightly pinkish or lilac shade, draw inside the lower and at the base of the upper eyelid with a black soft pencil, small arrows on the upper eyelid are also allowed.

The final touch is the lips, they can have a golden hue, you can make them light or brownish.

Rock style

Perfect make-up in the style of rock is a peculiar way to stand out and look very bright and stylish, many celebrities prefer exactly this style of makeup.

Classic make-up in the style of rock is the eyes, made in the technique of smoky eyes, the complete absence of blush and lipstick.Rather, there is lipstick, but minimal attention is paid to it - it should be either in the tone of the skin of the face, or in a neutral shade that is not striking.

The main and most striking feature of this makeup are the eyes, they are most often painted in a dark range of colors - black, purple, brown and dark blue. Sometimes arrows are added and all this is shaded against the background of a perfectly aligned face tone. You can use a light bronzer to highlight the area of ​​the cheekbones.

In the style of the 90s

In the 90s of the last century, makeup had its own characteristics. And, perhaps, the most distinctive feature of the make-up of the 90s was naturalness.

In order to recreate the image of the make-up of the 90s, there is no need to use concealer and a large amount of powder, there must be natural beauty and naturalness in everything. You can use a small amount of powder and rouge to give a healthy shade to the skin of the face.

Eyeshadow should also match the natural colors - pale pink, solid, brown or beige. You have to give up all sorts of eyeliner and arrows, you can use a soft black or brown pencil, the lines of which are carefully shaded. The same applies to lipstick, naturalness above all.

Nude relevant as ever

The main feature of makeup in the style of Nude is the naturalness, which, however, does not guarantee a minimum of cosmetics. It is believed that the ability to impose such makeup - aerobatics, in order to catch the eye is not a large number of shadows and powder, but natural beauty.

Often in the Nude make-up style, lashes are isolated and painted abundantly, most often it has gray or brown shades. The main feature is an ideal porcelain skin, but if you are the owner of freckles, then in no way disguise them, do not forget about the basic principle of naturalness.

Lips and eyes should have natural shades, haze and clear contours on lips are welcomed. Do not forget that the contour pencil must clearly match the tone of your lipstick, it can be berry and wine-burgundy colors.

In view of such a variety of styles, girls often suffer from the question, what kind of style to choose? It's very simple, start from the event or event to which you are going to apply it. If you are going to a party or a club, then brighter areas of make-up will do, for example in the style of rock or in the Greek style.

But if you have a business meeting or you are just going to walk with your girlfriend in the park, then you can get by with natural colors so as not to draw undue attention to your person where it is not required.

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