Difficulties with childcare at home

Classes with children at home should meet the needs of the child and should bring joy to the child and parents. Unfortunately, we often do not have time to study with children, we are too tired or we don’t know how to systematize or organize such classes correctly. As a result, parents consider themselves incapable of teaching their children and attempts to work with a child are becoming less and less regular.

 classes with the child at home

classes with the child at home

By giving the child to kindergarten or school, we remove a number of tasks for the development of the child. This is also in its own right. The child must acquire the necessary social skills, learn to adapt to the people around them, their surroundings. However, homeschooling is also a very important aspect of the child’s development.

Such activities:

  • Strengthen the positive emotional connection between the parent and the child
  • The parent and child can choose exactly what they are interested in doing together (unlike the state program,where the child has no choice)
  • The child is distracted from excessive views of the TV or computer games

How can you organize such activities?

Write down which areas you want to embrace. If the child is older - it can be reading, mathematics, astronomy, zoology. Do not grab for much, and do not go too far with the development. Either you or a child will quickly get tired of monotonous and lengthy classes.

Write down what benefits you have for classes: (books, paints, toys, cartoons). Write what you can buy and what you can do for children with your own hands.

Make the lesson as diverse and interesting for you as possible. Teaching children and your enjoyment of the process are closely related. Perhaps you are madly interested in astronomy, but in ordinary adult life there is no time and energy for it. Read with the child about space, watch a film, draw, go to the planetarium. You will enjoy not less than your child, you will see. The development of a child can and must improve the quality of your life.

Children learn, first of all, to learn. And to treat learning as a pleasant and necessary process.When a child grows up, he may forget all your activities, but he will not forget those moments when you spent time together studying or exploring.

A positive attitude to learning is the best gift we can make to your child. In the kindergarten, school and university there is little that depends on us. Our child may be frustrated by any subjects or teachers. But when it is necessary for him in adulthood to urgently understand or learn something, he will make it much easier for others, since he has a positive attitude to study inside.

Children grow quickly and while we are parents , they need, while they are near us, do not take some time to develop children. A bunch of chores will always be a bunch of chores. One insanely important work will replace the other. In the meantime, we are spinning, solving important issues, children grow up and need us less and less.

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