Dining area furniture: simple truths

Dining - one of the coziest home areas in the apartment / house. The meal unites family members. At the table, relatives not only eat, but also share their impressions and news. Have a good time at breakfast, lunch or dinner is far from everyone. And the reason is simple: the lack of stylish comfortable furniture. For the arrangement of the dining area, you can buy either a corner.

The latter will not look as majestically as a chic table with chairs. Corner - a great choice for owners of small apartments, a dining group - for the owners of spacious apartments. What guide when choosing furniture for the dining room? We will understand further.

Thin connection between the area of ​​free space and the size of furniture

Exquisite dining groups with unsurpassed external characteristics fall in love at first sight, but buying the first position you like is impractical.First, you need to measure the free area and plan the placement of furniture, and only after going to look for it.

Tables with chairs are placed in the kitchen, in the dining area, in the reception room. In the first case, people do not have the opportunity to equip part of the room under the dining area. Accordingly, it is reasonable to choose between compact models with small tops. Is the area of ​​the room not so small? It is better to buy an option with a folding tabletop. Without fail, designers recommend to take into account the style and color of the headset. How to hide the difference between the elements of the interior, if you could not harmoniously pick a dining group? Buy, which in appearance is identical to the new acquisition. Owners of spacious reception areas for guests and dining rooms may not worry about the size of the furniture. The more elegant it is, the more respectable the decor! Today you can place an order for tables of amazing beauty with a length of 9 meters. Inside most luxury items, there is room for installing pots for flowers and large vases.

Which accommodation is considered the most convenient? Without contiguity to the walls.

When placing in a corner, several seats are lost at once.Ideally, the table should be at a distance of 0.7–0.8 m from the wall. This will allow the person to move the chair back and stand up freely. If the choice fell on the corner, it should stand in the opposite "working area", where a plate, a sink, etc. are placed.

Features of the elements of table groups

No matter how the table looks, it will be equipped with a standard set of components. These include:

  • sliding / solid worktop;
  • underframe on bars / fasteners;
  • supports;
  • guides and running gears (in transformer models).

The tabletop can be of any shape, different from the legs of materials. Looks great glass surfaces. Visually, they do not occupy space, making the room light and spacious. Dimensional natural wood products are a worthwhile choice for owners of cottages and private houses.

During the purchase of the dining group, it is reasonable to demand not only the design and materials of the tabletop, but also the supporting elements. What should they be like? Reliable, resistant, wear-resistant. The legs of solid wood and metal last longer than others.

Now for the chairs. From the characteristics of the landing depends on the comfort of the person during the meal.Today you can buy chairs of various sizes and shapes. Convenient massive products with a semi-soft / soft seat, high back. Behind such a chair you will be able to relax after a good dinner, discuss new life events. However, the service life of the overall position is not the same. Parameters of optimal universal products (in cm):

  • seat height - 42–45 (from the floor);
  • depth - 48–55;
  • width - 55–60.

The duration of operation depends on the design features of the chair. Reliable "cast" bases, in which the back and legs are one. Before buying a high chair, it is advisable to sit down. This will evaluate the convenience of a particular position. How to determine the softness of the seat? Enough to get acquainted with the characteristics of the flooring. Soft seats are equipped with springs, linings with a thickness of 3 to 5 cm. Thick, expensive fabrics, often jacquard, natural and eco-leather, are used for upholstery. There are no springs in semi-soft chairs, the thickness of the flooring does not exceed 4 cm. Models without upholstery are practical and undemanding in maintenance, but not as comfortable as the previous versions.

To find out more information about the dining groups, you can remotely contact the managers of ALSO. The site contains dozens of certified items of furniture for the kitchen.

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