Dishes with character: what to cook a man

61 recipe

The day is approaching when you can arm yourself with cookbooks and kitchen utensils and demonstrate the ability to effortlessly prepare your own men's crown dishes! Yes, yes, when else, if not to please your beloved with culinary masterpieces on February 23 and to cook him, finally, not dietary meals and low-calorie light salads, but real male food: steak or ribs on the grill, classic borsch, baked poultry or fish in the oven and, of course, hearty salads. Still not decided what to cook beloved? No problem! Remember his favorite products, think over the romantic atmosphere, as well as laying the festive table. And Woman`s Day in advance collected recipes for delicious dishes that will appeal to any man, and your protector will carry you in your arms for a long time after such a tasty dinner.

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