Disposable Umbrella

One of the symbols of the rainy season of the year - autumn - is rightly considered an umbrella: without this attribute, it is difficult to adapt to changing weather conditions. Therefore, the application of an umbrella made of paper or other material in the autumn season will be as relevant as possible.

The disposable plates are successfully replaced with paper - the children are much more interesting to work with them than with ordinary colored sheets of paper. Making an umbrella from a disposable plate is so simple that even the smallest child can handle it.

 umbrella from a disposable plate

umbrella from a disposable plate

What you need:

  • disposable paper plate;
  • sheet of thick paper or cardboard for the base;
  • fluffy (blue) wire;
  • thin blue color paper or napkin;
  • PVA, polymer or office glue;
  • paint and brush;
  • scissors.

Instead paper can be used The Call and plastic plates.But keep in mind that the umbrella of paper plates can be painted, but of plastic - not.

So, let's get to work.

Cut the plate into two halves and paint them in that color , which will suit our taste.

 Paint a plate

Paint a plate

When the paint is completely dry, make the bottom edge wavy - like this umbrella.

We glue the upper part of the umbrella to a sheet of paper, and from the bottom we fix with glue from bent in the form of an umbrella handle cut chenille wire. If there is no blue wire, you can make a handle from another material - even from a sheet of cardboard, or just draw it.

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