DIY accessories

You will need: 20-30 cm of brass wire d = 1 mm and a pair of meters 0.4 mm, garnet beads: two round and 14 in the form of petals or leaves, 10 brass or copper balls, about 0.5 m brass chain, a pair of bolts, as well as side cutters, round-nose pliers, platypus, file.

Today we will make a great accessory that will be indispensable in your jewelry box. If you do not have enough time to create things yourself, you can always visit the online store Kiwi Market, where you will find a large selection of clothes, home accessories and much more.

Cut the thick wire in half. Grind the ends of one of the segments. Make round-pliers a shape resembling an elongated figure-eight with curls on the sides, the top-eight is smaller than the bottom, and besides, the top and bottom are deflected from each other. Place where they are joined together with curls, weave them with a thin “eight” wire, then go to the lower part and attach 7 bead-lobes alternately on the outer edge of the bottom, and at the beginning and end - on a metal bead.Then turn the wire back and walk again on the outer edge of the bottom, but already weaving around the base of the petals of the same “figure eight”. Repeat this method of braiding another 3-4 times and secure the wire under one of the curls. Cut too much.

Attach three metal beads along the outer edge of the upper part of the eight with a small piece of thin wire. Attach the fasteners.

Divide the chain in half. One of the halves - another 4 unequal parts (determine the length yourself, trying on segments to the earring and focusing on your own desire and imagination). Attach them between the lower petals, hooking the last turns of the sheath.

Make the second earring similarly in mirror image. Wear it!

Coral Curls

Small simple earrings for relaxing at sea or reminiscent of a recent trip there.

You will need: about 10 cm of brass or copper wire d = 0.8 cm and 3 cm - 0.6 mm, two “drops” with a longitudinal hole of coral, two caps for earrings, as well as side cutters, round pliers , platypus, file.

Split the thicker wire in half. Polish the ends of one of the segments.With the help of platypuses, bend it 90 degrees approximately 8 mm on one side of the segment. With round-nose pliers, roll a small “snail” with the center, from which the 8 mm segment extends. Then twist the lower curl larger than the "snail" and in the opposite direction from the one in which it was twisted.

Split a thinner wire. At the end of one of the halves make a tiny loop, squeeze it with platypuses to make even less. String the “drop” on the wire, fasten it with a loop and, after passing the end of the wire into the lower curl of the blank for the earring, make one turn around the base of the loop. Cut too much. Do the second earring in the same way.

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