Do-it-yourself Easter decoration

How is it better to create a festive atmosphere in the house? Of course, with the help of jewelry! Even a simple Easter decoration, made of paper and cardboard, will bring joyful, warm notes to your home.

And if you spend a simple master class on making this decoration for your child, your piggy bank will be enriched with pleasant memories : in a few years you will be happy to remember how before your eyes tiny children's hands learned to create incredibly beautiful things.

Decoration for Easter with your p kami

Easter decoration with your own hands

To show how the decoration looks for Easter, with your own hands that you have yet to create, You can use the photo. When the child sees the end result, he is eager to get to work. And to spur his interest will help the process of preparing materials necessary for creativity:

silver coated (or foil) cardboard and a piece of goldfoil;

thick paper in three colors;

red satin ribbon;

dark yarn for knitting;

white clay;

scissors and stationery glue.

When everything is ready, you can start.

From the silver cardboard, folded in half, you need to cut a slightly pointed oval upwards - an Easter egg.

Easter egg from cardboard

Easter egg from cardboard

We carefully cut out the middle of this egg, leaving it wide enough cie edges.

 Cut the middle

Cut the middle

Wrap the egg with satin ribbon.

 wrapping the ribbon

We wrap a ribbon

We tie it up with a beautiful bow at the top.

 Tying tape ends

Tying tape ends

Of color paper cut three identical eggs. We glue them to our cardboard basis.

 Glue the testicles from cardboard

Glue the testicles from cardboard

Now we pass a thread of dark knitting yarn between strips of tape.

We are threading a thread under the tape

We thread a thread under the tape

On both sides of this thread we attach small white plasticine lumps - like willow flowers. You can use heads for cotton swabs, white decorative pebbles and other objects for this purpose.

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