DIY do-it-yourself application

Handicrafts for children can be not only exciting, but also very useful activity: they will practice to work neatly with small material and develop their fingers. In order for a child to gain patience and perseverance, he needs to offer truly interesting and beautiful pictures from the faces.

For children, images of animals and bright plants usually become the most attractive.

 DIY application with your own hands

Applications with your own

You can offer them to do:

The original flower from a paper cake pan. Just glue the color form to a sheet of paper and fill it with a core of the paper.

 Basis for crafts

Basis for crafts

 Flower from a flower

A flower from a branch

Stunningly beautiful, elegant dragonflies with transparent wings.

 Dragonfly from the spoons .decorated with sequins

Dragonfly from a spoon, decorated with sequins

Octopuses with heads from a small washcloth for the body.



A juicy apple covered with droplets of moisture.

 Apple, decorated with donuts and stasis Apple, decorated with sequins and stasis

Clay fish with iridescent scales. It will be fixed in special grooves.

 Small fish made of clay decorated with puckets

Small fish made of clay decorated with puffs

You can make a nice fish out of cardboard.

 Fish with puffs

Fish with puffs

And you can decorate the fish not only with puck, but also with bright ones figures from foil.

 Scales from payet

Scales from payet

The fish looks interesting , if you make her trunk from the old CD. We draw the head, fins and tail on paper, decorate the disk and glue it to the other parts.Such an article can be used as a suspension.

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