Simple do-it-yourself backlight monitor

Any optometrist will tell you that working at the monitor in complete darkness is harmful to the eyes. For a long time, in order to avoid this, I worked by pointing a desk lamp at the wall. But at a certain moment it occurred to me that it was not economical and not very beautiful. &Nbsp;
IdecidednottosufferfromthesolderingofLEDsand IusedaLED“stick”,Iorderedin Internet astorefor30or40rublesIdon’tremembernow.Youcanuseanysimilardeviceforyourimplementation.Fixeditwithzip-tiestothebracketholes.Dependingonyourmonitorandtheselectedlamp,youwillhavetocomeupwithamount.Youcantrydouble-sidedtape.Alternatively,youcantryscrewingacoupleofboltsintotheholesandhookingtothem.Inapinch,thereisSUPERGLUE.

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