Crafting a Christmas tree made of felt

This cute Christmas tree will please you! The competition of New Year's crafts is a good tradition of most schools, which, as a rule, are mainly involved in primary school students.

They still don’t cope well with complex creative tasks, so the idea for crafts should be as simple as possible, but at the same time quite original. Earlier we considered how to make a herringbone from paper and an example of a shiny Christmas tree card.

 Making a Christmas tree out of felt

Making a Christmas tree of felt

For example, the Christmas-tree handicrafts offered by us looks impressive, with our own hands for a school that even a first grader can make. The main advantage of this craft is the use of felt as the base material, which is very easy to work with. Christmas crafts made of felt is done quite quickly, but it looks nice.

So, what you need for it:

  • a piece of green dense felt;
  • Christmas tree cardboard template;
  • pencil,thin crayon or remnant;
  • scissors;
  • glue (better - transparent polymer);
  • multi-colored buttons;
  • narrow satin ribbon for loops;
  • awl.

Getting Started.

We fold the piece of felt in half, with the wrong side out. Attach the Christmas tree cardboard template and encircle it with a pencil, chalk or a wash. Cut out. (If the child is very small, it is better to fasten the felt layers with safety pins so that they do not slip off.)

 Christmas tree contour

Christmas tree contour

Stencil for Christmas Tree

Stencil for Christmas Tree

 Fir-tree from felt

Fir-tree from felt

We glue halves of the Christmas tree into account With sides to each other, we make a hole for the eyelet with an awl on its top, weave a satin ribbon into it and tie its ends. You can slightly fill the Christmas tree with cotton wool or a sintepon, then it will become voluminous and even more attractive.

 Buttons for decoration

Buttons for decoration

We decorate our crafts with small buttons, like Christmas balls.You can use other decorative materials - tinsel, "rain", confetti, figures of foil and colored paper and various shiny fillings.
Decorating the Christmas tree

Decorating the Christmas tree

 The herringbone from the felt is ready

The herringbone from felt is ready

It's done!

Such a simple DIY Christmas tree made of felt will be a great decoration for your class, room or Christmas tree. Such a Christmas tree can be a great gift along with a New Year card.

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