DIY hair tie

Now you can buy any hair jewelry in the store, but you can make some of them yourself. For example, the usual gum for hair. To make a hair tie at home is easy and costs will be minimal. I want to share with you how to make the most ordinary hair elastic. Required materials: 1. Satin ribbon 45 cm. (Width of the ribbon 3 cm.). 2. Elastic band 20 cm. 3. Scissors, needle and thread in black.
 Scrunchy for hair
Take our ribbon and needle with a thread of black color. The seamy side of the tape must be folded in half in length. We sew with a dense stitch with a needle forward to the end of the ribbon.
 Elastic for hair
Of course, if you have a sewing machine, it will be faster to flash this line on a typewriter. Now you need to turn the tape on the front side.
 Elastic hair band
The next step is to insert our elastic band into the stitched ribbon. The length of the elastic can vary depending on your hair density.We put a pin on one edge of the elastic.
Tighten the elastic band in the stitched ribbon, and on the other end of the gum we put the usual clamp. This is so as not to lose the rubber band.
Eraser for hair
We pull the pin from the tape, collecting the tape on the elastic band. Elastic hair band
Now sew the edges of the gum together.
Eraser for hair
Gently hide the elastic under the ribbon and stitch it so that the edges of the ribbon are inside.
 Hair tie
The hair elastic is ready!  Eraser

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