DIY do-it-yourself spring tree

Let's make a fun and flowering spring tree! Instead of leaves, our magic tree will have multi-colored hearts! When the time of year changes, then the subject matter for creative activities with the child should also change, otherwise crafts will lose their relevance, and the kid may lose interest in them.

Spring crafts for children can be an additional way to remember the main features of this time of year and learn more about the changes taking place in nature. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to produce complex and boring methodological manuals - even a bright, simple, children's souvenir can tell you about the main spring signs.

 Making a spring tree with your own hands We put the Ladoshka approximately in the center of the sheet so that there is space on all sides. In the lower part, make a wide strip - this will be a stand.

Cut out the handle with the stand, on which we make two cuts: on the one hand - in the upper part, and on the other - in the bottom (indicated by the letters "A" and "B").

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