DIY hand-made sweets

If you think that crafts with children can be made only from those materials that are sold in stores for children's creativity - wrong! Kids can do anything - even to make hand-made crafts out of sweets!

Crafts made from a child’s own sweets can be used as a souvenir and even a gift for a holiday. It is enough to hold a small master class to teach your child how to make simple figurines from treats, and he can do the rest of the work himself.

Crafts made from sweets with your own handsHandicrafts from sweets do-it-yourself

You can make little people out of round gummies if you connect them with toothpicks and add heads of wooden balls.

 Marmalade People

Marmalade Men

Or brightturkeys.

Birds from marmalade

Birds from marmalade

From marmalade of another form, you can make more complex structures - for example, / p> Sweets ship

Sweets ship

Such designs can be made from various sweets. For example, from chocolate and candies of different shapes, you get a nice train.

 Sweets Train Sweets Train

And from square candy - robot.

Robot from candy

Robot from sweets

From round sweets wrapped in foil, you get the most amazing explosive. p>

View Flaw


Or a set of colored pencils.

Pencils from sweetsSweet Pencils

Small candy bags can be presented in the form of graceful butterflies.

Butterflies from candies

Butterflies from sweets

Such hand-made chocolates can be easily decorated with different patterns on the body of the butterfly if you wish,decorative elements and different design options.

 Wings from a small sachet

Wings from a small sachet

The body of the butterfly is simply made of cardboard , ice cream sticks or wooden spatula.

And you can make a butterfly's body out of small square candies.

Butterfly made of sweets

Butterfly made of sweets

With help It is very easy to turn a bag of sweets into a little duckling with a fluffy pom-pom and thin foam board.



And with the help of blue wire - in cute rooster.



It is even easier to make a carrot out of a narrow bag - all you need is a hair elastic. If you give such a gift to girls, they will keep rezinochki for memory.


Girls will also like candy beads.

Candy Beads

Candy Beads

Complementing the bag with a cardboard muzzle and ears,easy to make a rabbit.

 Narrow bag of candies

Narrow bag of candies

Rabbit from sweetsRabbit candy

It looks interesting a bunch of lollipops, fixed in a glass vase with a floral sponge.

Flowers from sweetsC Ety of sweets

It is possible to do otherwise - to fill a vase with candy and decorate a flower. It looks interesting flower, in the center of which is placed the photo of the child for whom it is intended.

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