DIY Ice Crafts

Crafts from the ice with their own hands - the theme of our new creative occupation. Today we will make colored chalk from ice and draw them on the pavement. A variety of experiences and experiments for children allow children to be interested in the learning process, expand their understanding of the possibilities of everyday objects, and create new developmental materials.

In each lesson, you should strive to combine, develop the knowledge already gained and discover new faces already known to kids properties of things. We continue to use all sorts of methods of child development, using the available materials for this. Very interesting activities can be done by making frozen colored chalk with your child.

 DIY do-it-yourself ice

DIY do-it-yourself

To make crayons, mix cornstarch (or plain flour) in equal proportion with water.Divide into parts, add to each easily washable paint. Spread the colored mass in the molds (ice cream molds, popsicle, or any suitable container can be used), insert ice cream sticks or plastic counting sticks. Put it in the freezer and let the pieces harden.

 child in summer 1

child in summer 1

After removing from the freezer, remove the colored chalk from the molds, if necessary, briefly lowering the container with it into hot water. Colored crayons are obtained, you can start creating masterpieces on asphalt!

 child in summer 2

when the ice melts, it’s very easy for them to draw on the asphalt

Children enjoy painting with such crayons, holding them by the sticks. The traces left by the frozen crayons on the asphalt path are very bright. In this case, the correctly chosen paint is easily washed off from the hands of children and washed off from clothes.

 child in summer 3

drawing on asphalt with frozen chalk

In this way, children develop not only fine motor skills and sensory perception, but also their creative abilities.You can also draw the attention of the children to the fact that the crayons were first solid because the water in their composition froze, and now, when it comes in contact with the warm asphalt, it melts, and therefore we get a picture.

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