DIY Rattle

The sensor toy with your own hands is an important step for parents in the wonderful world of creativity and development of their baby. Even the very idea of ​​making with your own hands for children even the simplest toy is an indication that parents began to think in the right, creative direction, which means they have a long and extremely interesting way of doing things that are beneficial not only the little one, but also his wise mentors.

Our ancestors, making rattles for their children, tried to make them useful. So, one of the varieties of rattles that existed at that time reproduced the model of the universe, and the baby was already in the cradle getting acquainted with the secrets of the universe.



We offer make a simpler toy, but it will also benefit the child:

  • it will develop its hearing
  • will serve as a training for the child’s vision: it will develop the ability to distinguish colors,focus the eyes and synchronously move the eyeballs following the moving toy
  • fix the cause-effect relationships that gradually form in the baby’s brain: the child will learn to confidently turn the head in the direction of the noise made by the rattle

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