Do-It-Yourself Doll Towel

Nowadays a lot of interesting and original gifts can be bought in the store or ordered online. But they all do not convey the feelings and emotions that we want to invest in them. I visit such holidays and celebrations when it is hard to find the right gift or you want to give something very interesting and reminiscent of you. Here, for example, housewarming, that give on housewarming. You're right, brownies, so that there is always comfort, happiness and money in the house; kitchen utensils, slippers, photo frames, well, it's nicer to present something made with your own hands. In such a gift you put a piece of yourself. For example, you can donate an original kitchen towel, made by yourself, you will learn about its production in this Master Class.
Do-it-yourself doll towel
To make a doll-like kitchen towel, you will need the following materials:
  1. Towel with interesting colors or original patterns.
  2. Fabric of various colors, preferably chintz.
  3. Scissors, threads, needles,pencil.
  4. A sewing machine, if you do not have the skills to sew on a sewing machine, you can make a craft by hand, but it will take more time.
  5. The old soft, unnecessary rag doll.
Do-it-yourself doll towel

Start making towels-dolls for the kitchen.

A towel consists of a doll that wears a dress, the upper part of the dress is the bodice is a piece sewn from cotton fabric, and the bottom one is a waffle towel cut in half. First you need to make a pattern. The pattern is presented, you only need to reduce or increase to the size you need. The pattern is simple, a cut for the head, along the sides of the tape or some other way of fixing the towels. We need two such details, or you can also circle a ready-made pattern on a piece of fabric folded in half.
A towel doll with your own hands
We prepare a pattern and sew it on a typewriter or manually. We sew the edges of the part, but do not sew them together.
Doll towel with your own hands
Handle a cutout for the head,also tying on the machine.
On the reverse side, so our doll has a very big head and in the usual cut they do not get through. We make a cut on the back. Edge it we turn and sew. -polotence-svoimi-rukami.jpg "style =" max-width: 100%; " alt="A towel with your own hands"> Doll towel do it yourself Cut the towel into two pieces of the same size. Then we make the assembly of the top edge of each piece, it is most convenient to do it manually.Doll towel with your own hands Then, using a needle and thread, we “bait” the hem of the dress on the bodice of the dress because even after assembling the top edge, the width of the towel is larger than the bodice. Then we sew on the machine.A towel with your own handsA towel with your own handsDoll towel with your own hands Try on the doll. The dress is almost ready.The hem of the dress we do not sew together so that it would be more convenient to wipe the hand.Doll towel do it yourself
A towel with your own hands
Doll towel with your hands There is the last detail. The edges of the dress still need to somehow fasten. To do this, you can sew ribbons or pieces of fabric of the same color. Or, as in our cases, cut two pieces of fabric of the same color, an approximate size of 5 by 9 centimeters, hem the edges on a typewriter, and then sew to the bodice of the dress.
Do-it-yourself doll towel
Be sure to remember to sew an eyelet to the doll's body so that it can be hung on a hook.

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