DJ Groove baptized his son on the birthday of the baby

The sacrament took place last Sunday in Moscow.

Yevgeny Rudin, aka DJ Groove, is not only a successful musician, but also a happy father. A year ago, on August 12, his son Mark was born - at the time Eugene himself was 45 years old. The wife of DJ Deniz Vartpatrikova very emotionally announced this in her Instagram: �Favorite son, Markovochka, welcome !!! We were waiting for you !!! My beloved, I congratulate us, my dear, my life, with our long-awaited son! Love you, my happiness! �

And Eugene published a tag from the maternity hospital with a boy's performance characteristics: weight 3640 grams, height 52 centimeters, healthy and strong boy.

Oct 22, 2017 at 10:18 am PDT

The couple did not hide the newborn baby from the devotees - Eugene and Deniz fearlessly published pictures of the child literally from birth. And the musician turned out to be an exceptionally caring dad: Mark was nursing, feeding him from a bottle. The kid accompanied his parents literally everywhere, both in travels and in restaurants. So, in Denise, a new hashtag, the very best, has become accustomed to microblogging.

Yesterday, August 12, a pretty curly little boy was one year old.It's time to baptize the baby. The sacrament took place in the church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker on Woodchips: for this solemn and, one might say, intimate occasion, only the closest and dearest were gathered for such a solemn occasion. The ceremony was held without any pathos: smiles, happy eyes of parents. And Mark himself did a great job: the kid almost didn�t whimper, didn�t be capricious and certainly didn�t cry. He sat peacefully in the font and looked at what was happening around him. Why, there wasn�t even a bottle from his hands, while the priest carried out all the necessary procedures.

Friends and colleagues of his father, DJ Jan Bounty and Vyacheslav Timerbulatov, Evgeny Rudin�s partner in the project �Audio School DJ Groove�, became Mark's godparents.

How it went, look in our photo gallery.

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