Do I need to ask his friends about his husband’s treason

Arguments against"

Naturally, you can call your husband's friends and friends. You even have the right to meet with them and ask what they know about who your spouse is meeting on the side. However, this is hardly the best way to find out the truth.
First, the likelihood that a true friend of her husband will tell you how things really are is almost zero. A friend will block the "reveler" and find hundreds of reasons that can lull your guard.
Secondly, you can turn into a general ridicule if the so-called friend does not keep his mouth shut, and tells all your general acquaintances about your call or meeting with you.
Thirdly, you can find out nothing at all if your husband changes, but behaves extremely carefully and does not tell his friends about his adventures.
In any case, your spouse will be warned about your detective investigation and will certainly arrange a home scandal.And if it does not make trouble, it will close even more.

Arguments for"

In a fit of anger, we are not always able to control our actions. Not enough strength for prudence - call! And come what may! Let your husband get angry about your contacts with his friends. Let behind your back they will whisper, and the rival will exult. You were honest with yourself. You had exactly enough strength to behave in this way and not otherwise. Do not blame yourself then for this call. You feel better, and this is important!
If you decide to call a friend or meet him, try not to ask direct questions. This will not lead to the clarification of the truth. Show female perfidy. In a roundabout way, try to form a picture of what is actually happening. For example, your spouse came back and said that he was on a business trip. Ask a friend if he liked the brandy that your faithful brought to him as a gift. Ask unexpected questions that will confuse the interlocutor and give him a lie.


Your suspicions may eventually be confirmed or dispel. And then you too will make decisions according to your nature and situation.One should always remember one wise saying “If you want to ruin a relationship, start to sort it out.”

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