Do-it-yourself basket of flowers

Products from beads are a method, rather popular today, to decorate a home interior, having given it warmth and a cosiness. Modern craftswomen can make products of any complexity, from elementary "children's jewelry" to full-fledged compositions. But mastering this art is not at all difficult even for a child. On the contrary, a sophisticated children's imagination can give originality to products. For modern parents whose children go to classes 1-3, the problem of independent activity is very familiar. Almost to any celebration a child should bring to school what - do not be handmade made by oneself, but to do it, often, have moms and dads. This article will discuss how to make an original and, most importantly, not too complicated gift from the school of beads. For making a basket of flowers, you will need wire for weaving and, in fact, beads. The number of beads needed depends on its size. Mandatory for this craft is beads of brown and green colors (for baskets and leaves),but the color of the flowers themselves can be anything, it completely depends on the desire of the master. It will take about 1.5 m of wire and 25-30 grams of beads. The finished product should consist of such parts: 1. Flower 1 (Chamomile); 2. Flower 3 (Southern Whip); 3. Basket; 4. Leaves.
 consist of such parts
 consist of such parts
Basket To create any product from beads you must first prepare everything you need. For the production of a daisy, 20 cm of wire and 2-3 grams of beads (170-180 pcs) will be required. First you need to make a fastening loop, and then collect 16 pieces of beads and pass the free wire through the fastening loop. It turns out an empty petal.
fixing loop
 fixing loop
You can fill the petals with beads at once, or you can after manufacturing 5-6 petals, i.e.the whole flower.
To fill the empty space you will need to string 8 units of beads and make a loop around the petal. Total need 5-6 flowers. To create the second type of flowers, you need to make a loop and string blue beads onto the wire to make a 5 cm strip. You will need 3 such segments. After that, connect the free curtain from three segments, passing them into green beads. The basket is made quite easily. First, 5 - 6 units of beads are gathered, which are connected into a ring. Then the rows grow (the number of beads in each row should increase by 3 pieces). The result should be a basket 6-7 cm high.
For the leaves you will need beads of green color. First you need to make an interlocking loop. After that, do the same steps with the following rows. The number of units of beads in each row should increase by 1 or 2 pcs.
From the ninth row, the number of beads in the same way should be gradually reduced. It will take 4-5 leaves. After creating all the necessary elements they need to connect. For this, flowers and leaves are woven into the basket with free edges.
 Basket with beaded flowers
That's all! The finished result will surely please you.

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