Do unusual canvases on your nails with the help of water manicure

Water (marble, rainbow) manicure is very popular among lovers of creative nail design, because it allows you to feel like a real artist. You yourself can choose the appropriate combination of colors, draw patterns on the water and start creativity on your own hands.

You will need:

  • small water tank
  • any nail polishes you like best
  • a protective coating for the skin around the nails (you can also use hand cream or cuticle oil)
  • toothpicks
  • base coat for nails

We start manicure:

1. Apply to the nail base.

2. Apply a protective coating on the skin around the nails. Wait a couple of minutes until the protective film dries.

3. In a glass with ordinary water drip a few drops of varnish of different colors.

4. If desired, you can make a beautiful pattern on the surface of the water with a toothpick.

5. Put your finger in the water under the film and collect excess varnish with a toothpick or a wooden nail stick. Repeat the procedure with the remaining marigolds.

6. Allow the pattern to dry and remove the protective coating.

7. Apply a clear varnish to the nails to fix the pattern. Done!

Detailed video masterclass:

Secrets of water manicure:

1. Thickened varnishes will not spread on water, therefore it is better to use varnishes with a liquid consistency.

2. You should not use warm or too cold water, otherwise the picture will fall on the nail is not the way we would like. Use water at room temperature.

3. If you want to achieve a marble effect on the nails, use varnishes in delicate pastel shades.

5. To make the pattern on each nail turn out to be equally distinct, clean the toothpick or wooden stick with the nail polish remover after each use.

6. Varnishes with a thermo-effect change their color under the influence of heat, giving a special mystery to pretty nails.

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