Do you believe that Shakira is 41 years old? After this photo, we - no!

The singer looks without makeup for 20 years younger!

Shakira has always been famous for her great love for candid outfits, seductive dresses and bright make-up. In the early 2000s, when the star began her career, she looked like a real rebel: leather pants, tops and large jewelery. Formerly a pompous Colombian woman has lost much weight, has grown stout, and the images have become more feminine and elegant, like those of a real lady. In her beauty arsenal, midi dresses and trouser suits appeared. Shakira prefers bright shades of natural shades that emphasize her unsurpassed facial features in a very beneficial way. The star mainly uses mascara, eyeliner, shadows and lipstick in natural tones. She exchanged seductive and alluring curls with elegant curls. Shakira stopped appearing in public in her favorite tops, exposing her, even if perfect, belly. It can be said that motherhood changed the attitude of the singer not only to style, but also to herself.Now the 41-year-old star is not at all afraid to show himself without any embellishment. For example, feel free to upload photos without makeup to Instagram. And for good reason! Without makeup, the singer looks like a young girl.

Photo: @shakira

Shakira even looks younger than her husband, Barcelona’s footballer Gerard Piqué, who, by the way, is 31 years old. In 2015, the couple had a son Milan, two years later - Sasha. However, the stars have not registered their relationship. It was rumored that they even broke up in October 2017. Allegedly, the fault is the notorious male jealousy. However, the couple is still together, despite all the rumors about the breakup. Shakira and his sons are accompanied by a spouse in all matches, and Piquet supports his beloved wife during her tours. And the touching family photos in “Instagram” of the singer once again prove that the couple do not even think to part.

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