Does it make sense to plant tomatoes upside down?

The essence of technology

Why is such a way as growing upside down will make the crop richer? This is due to better ventilation, as well as less stress. On the other hand, a similar method of cultivation does not suit any variety of tomatoes.

You can grow tomatoes big beef or species for breeding in a container, with more often used buckets up to 20 liters. It is easy to fertilize and care for such tomatoes - it is enough to water them with a watering can, just like flowers.

Subtleties of technology

  1. At the bottom of a bucket or other container, you need to make a hole of 8 centimeters in diameter. Capacity must be put on a pair of supports - it is easier to get to the bottom.
  2. A certain amount of substrate to lay along the walls of the pot. At the same time, the lower part should be stretched into the hole, and the stem will remain 5 centimeters outside. After that, you need to fix the tomatoes.
  3. While holding the tomatoes, fill the pot or other selected container with earth.It is important to remember: the substrate must be compacted, sprinkling them roots for 5 centimeters.
  4. Add compost.
  5. Fill the pot or other selected container with earth.
  6. Suspend the container.
  7. Water the substrate so that the water can escape from the bottom hole.

In some cases, you can loosely cover the lid to avoid evaporation. Before watering you need to remove the cover.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include the following points:

  1. High yield. Tomatoes will grow down, but they will be much more.
  2. Saving space. Far from everyone will be able to afford an excellent large greenhouse, so suspended structures are one of the optimal options for the occupied area.
  3. Decorative. Such landings look great everywhere - from the dacha garden to the loggia.
  4. Easy care. No need to loosen or weed the beds, the pests do not attack, and if there is a danger of their occurrence, then you can easily get rid of them.

But this technology has its drawbacks. Among them are the following:

  1. Suspension must be made strong and strong enough.
  2. A situation may arise when the tomatoes no longer obey.

At the very beginning of growing tomatoes lack the sun, the light from which does not come through the greenhouse and the ground. But this disadvantage can be corrected if plastic bottles of 5 liters are used as a container.

Peculiarities of care

Care for these tomatoes is minimal and it is in compliance with the following rules:

  1. Regulation of watering.
  2. Let the tomatoes weed do not need, you should still be engaged in checking the soil.
  3. If the cold suddenly appeared, you should remove the immature tomatoes and place them in a dark place.

On this care for tomatoes ends, because you do not need to tie them or weed. Enough to fix at the very beginning. Also, do not forget that today this method uses more and more gardeners - you can read an interesting review or advice about technology.

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