Does love happen without sex?

Any hint that he had this problem with him and lacked his physical abilities first at first aroused a childish hurt in the faithful, and in time with genuine bewilderment: "What else do you need?" I earn! Children are, the apartment is, calm down already! "

I found some consolation in female romance novels, I read them drunkenly. Only in these novels did the main heroines have no problems with the quality of sex, their beloved did not commit two or three forward movements, and loved for a long time, with a taste and inexpressible words of passion.

And the other girl had exactly the opposite. Surrounding sincerely were puzzled, what for is she such a husband? Nowhere did he really work, he did not study as a child, he could do everything from house work to perfecting only the sofa and playing tanchiki. And she was very happy, walked with shining eyes on the second part-time job and did not intend to divorce, despite her mother's ultimatums to divorce and heal as a normal person. According to this heroine, the husband is a terrific lover, it simply does not happen for her.And only for that she is ready to work from dawn to dawn, to drag her children and mortgages into the bargain.

There is something in us that is stronger than ourselves. We can persuade many others and ourselves that we are intelligent beings and we can not be guided by instincts, but life shows the opposite. What do you think, which of the marriages I described collapsed in the end?

Does love happen without sex?

I will answer immediately - both. Only in the second case, the wife returned to her husband, as soon as he took up his mind and got a job. They lived separately for almost two years, and all this time she periodically went to the former for his piece of female happiness. And in the first case, she did not return. From her husband sued her part of the property and married a second time. Now for sure happy, although it does not go more rest in Dubai and the Seychelles.

You can read terabytes of articles, books and essays on the dominance of reason over instincts; It’s very likely that you’ll be addicted to spiritual practices or you will be at work and in the fitness room to sublimate the sexual energy, but one day you will have the valve gone

The only question is where the valve breaks out: do you break the firewood so that you will collect fragments for half your life, or just quietly turn into a faded woman on antidepressants or alcohol.

Man is a pair being, and the basis of each pair is sex. No sex - no couples. This shows the experience of the entire evolution of humanity. And with any other “Zen” and “moral responsibility” this cannot be cemented: when one is satisfied with everything, and the other only pretends, such a pair will not last long. Even if this "pretending" sincerely believes in the appearance of his own happiness.

A harmonious person is happy, and only Buddhist monks or Indian yogis can achieve harmony without realizing sexual attraction.

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