Doll Mumps

Doll Mash
Textile dolls have conquered the world - the needlewomen have no doubt about this, they sew their own Big Wings with love and without rest. This type of textile interior dolls is also called Snow Girls - very often they are dressed in winter fur outfits, ethnic sweaters and hats with large fur pom-poms. These pupae can have different height - from 25 cm and higher, but they all have the same proportions: a large head and large legs, small eyes in the center of a round face. The doll is necessarily decorated with different buttons and flowers, wears shoes, socks or socks, a hat or a bandage on the head. We will begin and we will sew our wonderful Esteem. We will need a piece of skin-colored cotton fabric for sewing the body and any fabric for sewing clothes.
Doll The Pump
Our set of materials and tools is as follows: - Patterns of Pieces of Pieces downloaded from the Internet and a pen,to circle them on the fabric; - a skin-colored fabric (calico, you need to fold it in half, since the parts are sewn so that they can be turned out and padded with padding polyester); - mesh dress fabric; - bandage on the head and artificial flower; - doll socks and anklets bought at the children's shop; - artificial tresses (you can also make hair from mohair); - braid for dress design; - a sewing machine (you can also sew on your hands), scissors and threads in the color of a cloth, needles; - black beads for the eyes (you can embroider your eyes with black threads). We twist the body tissue twice and apply the patterns, outline them directly along the contour, the feet (two) and the patterns for the head (there are three of them), draw around on a single cloth.
 Doll Mopshnozhka
We sew every detail, except for the details of the head, leaving a centimeter and a half free for further stuffing (we don’t loosen the feet, so we will connect them to the soles), cut out the parts with an allowance for the seams of five millimeters, we sheathe the edges so as not to cut Grind the rear parts of the head vertically, then grind the resulting part in a circle with a large head detail,also leaves room for stuffing.
 Doll Mumps
We turn the parts on the front side and fill with padding polyester. We sew manually the slots for stuffing, we insert the legs into the body, and only then we sew the slots. We sew feet to our feet, stuff our feet. We sew the parts together, the doll is almost ready. You can sew beads and eyes and attach hair to the head to imagine what kind of beauty she will soon become.
 Mumps of Doll
We start to sew tresses around the forehead, removing the tresses back and spiraling up two centimeters above the first line.
 Doll Mumps
 Large Doll
 Doll Rumplings
Well, the hair is ready and the doll even got a shoe.
Monster Doll Now we will decorate our hair: we will sew a bandage at the top in a circle (from the inside out), pull the thread, turn it and twist the flower to it.We fix the bandage on the head, sewing around the circumference.
 Doll of the Snowflake
 The Doll of the Snowflake
 The Doll of the Snowball

We make the most simple dress - we fold the fabric twice, we sew on the edge, we get a "bag", which we put on the doll and picking it around the neck, beautiful ribbon here and at the waist. The doll is ready! Isn't that right, cutie? And most importantly, made by yourself.
 Mumps Doll

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