Donkey Nyasha

Where do the socks constantly go? But where - a completely ordinary pair of socks turns into a cute soft toy! You can sew such a toy with your child, and older children can even cope on their own - after all, there is nothing complicated about it. Everything is very easy and simple. So, we will break it - for our toy we will need:
  • 1 pair of socks (you can take socks both plain and with a pattern, in any case, it turns out very beautiful.)
  • cotton wool or any other filler.
  • thread with a needle.
  • scissors.
  • buttons for the peepholes and the nose of our toy.
  • laces to decorate the donkey (here you can connect the imagination and use any other decorative elements - for example, use a ribbon or beautiful cloth, buttons, braid, etc.).
Materials for toys
Cut out the socks of our donkey's body parts, as shown in the photo. To make it clear, I numbered them: 1- trunk 2- handles 3- eyelets 4- head
Cut out parts of the body from socks
 Cut out parts of the body from socks
Disassemble all parts of the donkey's body into place, so as not to get confused, and begin to sew in turn their. Now all our parts are ready to be filled. Take the trunk and gently, slowly, in small pieces of cotton wool we begin to fill it. To make it easier to fill in hard to reach places - you can use a pencil. After the donkey's body is stuffed with cotton wool to the end, we thread the edge with a needle and thread and pull it together. The torso of our toy is ready. Then, in the same way, we fill the head, whose edge is also threaded with a needle and thread, we tighten and fix it. Now we fill the handles with cotton wool, but we don’t need to fill the ears with cotton wool. They should be thin.
 Stuff with cotton wool
Stuff with cotton wool
sew a toy
 sew a toy
sew stuffed limbs After we have formed all parts of the body, gently sew them to their seats. And now our donkey is ready, it remains only to decorate it. To begin, let's face muzzle donkey. The eyes and the nose of the donkey will serve as buttons. Of course, buttons can be taken in different colors (for example, for the eye - blue, and for the nozzle black), so it will even be more interesting. But I only had white in stock, so in order to darken them a bit, I put a black dot in the center of each marker. Then, with colored threads (black or red), we neatly embroider a smile. Now we need to dress our donkey, for this we need lace. We take a strip of lace and pass it along the edge with a needle and thread, slightly tighten, forming skladochki skirts. We sew a skirt to the body of a toy. To make the image of Nyasha's donkey harmonious, I decided to make a bow from the same lace and sewn it to one of the ears. Done!
donkey is almost ready
 Donkey Nyasha
This is such a cute toy made of socks.You can imagine how much joy and pride your child will have, because he sewed this toy with his mother! Donkey Nyasha surely will please your kids!  Donkey's Donkey with his own hands

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