Down with sweating: how to use deodorant

How and when to apply deodorant on the skin of the armpits

Before using a deodorant, it does not matter whether it is ball, solid or in the form of a spray, you should thoroughly wash the skin with soap. In the summer time, the use of an antibacterial gel of well-known manufacturers does not hinder, and twice a week exfoliating scrub.

Only after washing and thoroughly wiping the armpits with a soft towel, you can begin to apply deodorant. No need to use a lot of tools, because it can clog pores, which will cause unpleasant consequences.

Try not to apply deodorant at night - at this time the skin should rest, and sweating is unlikely to seriously bother you. Leave this procedure for the morning hours. Do not use deodorant expired, because it can develop a strong allergic reaction.

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