Drawer box

Beautiful and convenient boxes for storing various trinkets are always needed in the house. For example, I like to knit, but during the years I was engaged in this hobby, I gathered a lot of yarn remnants, which, on the one hand, I need, and on the other, they constantly lie in the wrong place, get tangled. I needed a box in which I would put all the threads in which they would not get tangled, they would be all in one place always at hand. I didn’t want to use a regular cardboard shoe box, because, first, none of them fit the size, and second, the cardboard box immediately spoils the interior, making it cheap and cluttered. That's why my husband made me a beautiful wooden box with an original metal-plastic lid. To create the box, we needed a board 2 cm thick, 2 sheets of metal-plastic, 9 self-tapping screws, a grinding nozzle for a Bulgarian.
 Cut 4 sides from the board
1. Cut out 4 side panels from the board.Two of them are 40 by 15 cm, two more are 25 by 15 cm.
 make grooves
2. On each board, at the top and bottom, we make grooves at a distance of 1 cm from the edge.
 cut the bar
3. On the small side of the top we do not make a groove, but cut the bar at a distance of 1 cm from the edge.
 grind all the details
 Starting to collect the box
4. With the help of the grinder and the grinding nozzle, we grind all the parts. 5. We start to collect the box. Using screws, fasten the three walls. Attention, since the walls are thin enough, we first drill the holes 1 mm thick thinner than the screw thickness with a drill. Twist the screws into the holes. On each side we screw in 2 self-tapping screws - top and bottom.
 Begin to collect the box
 Begin to collect the box
6. Cut the bottom and cover outmetal with parameters 38 by 23 cm.
 Cut the bottom and cover from metal
7. Insert the bottom into the grooves.
 Insert the bottom into the grooves
8. We fasten the fourth side (with the cut edge).
 Insert the bottom into the grooves
9. Making a pen. You can cut it out of the plank, or you can buy a finished pen.
 Making a pen
10. On the lid we put the marks where the handle will be, drill holes. We fasten the handle.
 Put marks on the lid where hexrf
Making a pen
11. Insert the cover into the slots. We fasten the bar left over from the side.
 Insert the cover into the slots
Our box is ready. Not only threads can be put into it, but also other small items - cosmetics, bijouterie, stationery,small children's toys, etc.
 Thread Box
 Insert the cover into the slots

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