Dream Catcher: Decoration and Amulet

Dreamcatcher is not just a decoration for the interior, but a natural amulet that protects the dreams of its owner. With him you can not be afraid of nightmares - made with the soul, he will bring bright emotions to the house. Now Dream Catchers are quite popular, they can be found in every souvenir shop. However, almost all of them are made as a carbon copy and are no different from each other, therefore, to get a unique, beautiful thing to your own taste, you can weave the Dreamcatcher yourself. To do this, you need very few materials that everyone has, a minimum of preparation and imagination. Before you begin, you need to think about the approximate color scheme and style of the amulet - it can be in bright colors or muted, in marine style or any other. If the Catcher wants to do on a natural basis (usually willow branches), then you should prepare in advance. Tearing the bars for work is better in the warm season, while they are young and plastic.Immediately after the bars are torn off, you need to twist a circle-base from them, and in order to make it evenly even, you can put it on a vase or mug for the duration of the drying, depending on the size. Willow dries for about a week, after which you can begin to weave the Catcher. The rest of the materials will most certainly be at home. For a small Dream Catcher you will need: -Willow (or any other) round base; -Threads (fine yarn may come up); -Beads (plastic, glass, wooden, from natural stones) ; -Per'e. As well as scissors and a needle.
 Dream Catcher decoration and amulet

When all materials are selected, you can arrange them on the table in the form of a future product - this will help to visually see the result and outline the location of the beads and feathers. It's okay if not all selected materials are useful in the work.
 Dreamcatcher decoration and amulet
First of all, the Web of the Catcher weaves. It is necessary to cut the thread (not very long, but such that it was enough for the whole cobweb) and tie to the base.The knot after it will be possible to fasten a little glue for reliability. The thread can be inserted into the needle or needle for convenience, so that it can pass freely through the future cells of the weave. The whole cobweb in Lovce is woven without knots. Needle with thread need to circle around the base, thread through the resulting loop and tighten.
 Dream Catcher Ornament and Amulet
Thus you need to weave the entire first row, trying to have an approximately equal distance between the" knots " . The thread should always be stretched - to make the web become stretched and not deformed. However, it is important not to overdo it - if the base is made of twigs or twigs, it can bend. It’s very easy to check if the base has not started to deform by putting it on a flat, smooth surface. The last loop-knot should be made at a short distance from the beginning of the weaving (where the thread was tied). From this place begins a circular weaving.
 Catcher of Dreams decoration and amulet
Further everything is simple - the main thing is not to get off, tighten the thread and periodically weave it into your taste and idea a web of beads and pendants, threading the thread through them.When the netting narrows to the center, a small hole remains, fasten the thread with a knot, thread the loop twice, as if weaving, and tighten. The knot can be fixed with glue or hide behind the bead.
 Dream Catcher Ornament and Amulet
The center and main part of the Dream Catcher is ready. Now you need to attach feathers - they can be three, one, or any other number of pieces. They can be pigeons, chicken or any other bird. For each need to feather cut the thread, tie and disguise the tip of the feather bead - at the same time fixing the knot. Feathers can be tied close to the Dream Catcher or left on long strings, laces, decorated with beads.
 Dreamcatcher decoration and amulet
After all the feathers are symmetrically suspended, it remains to make a loop. You can hang a Dreamcatcher on a string that matches the color or make a simple loop of a thread, decorating it with a bead. After that, the Catcher is ready. It can be hung over the bed or even in the car.
 Dream Catcher Ornament and Amulet

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