Dream Interpretation: dream in a dream election

Elections: dream book. A person tries to search for answers to various life questions, relying on his own experience, advice, intellect and feelings. Sometimes it’s impossible to make a choice in real life, but a hint may come from normal sleep. In connection with the active participation of people in the political life of the country, sometimes in a dream there are strange situations and events, such as elections. What can a dream tell you about, the elections in which occupy a central place?

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What dreams about elections, dream book
What dreams about elections, dream book

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The election of deputies or the president in reality is a crucial moment, a change in the life of the whole country as a whole. The same meaning, but in relation to the sleeper, this dream book is stipulated; political choices mean strategic changes in life. If you make the right choice, then in life you can soon expect the fulfillment of a dream.

A completely different interpretation of a dream in which a person has to see himself as a member of an election commission, especially if he has never had the opportunity to act in that capacity.In the life of members of such commissions are under the scrutiny of voters, potential candidates and various auditors. A dream in which such a responsibility falls on a person’s shoulders means nothing more than a bad omen. This may be a sudden revision by higher authorities, or increased control over the vertical of power.

Ukrainian dream book

Deep sleep, where elections take an important place, can speak about the onset of pleasant events soon: either about the imminent implementation of plans without interference from above and from the side or about the implementation of plans, another scenario is the arrival of high-ranking guests.

Esoteric dream book

According to him, the choice made in a dream is a hint of a real choice coming soon. It can be realized in the most direct sense, that is, a person will be elected to any bodies, commissions or nominated as a delegate from the organization. The advice of esoteric - after such a dream it is very good to leave in the past passivity and begin active, decisive actions. The success of such a person will be guaranteed.

Only momentwhich should not be forgotten: if in real life, in the recent past or near future, a person worked or is going to work as part of an election commission, then this dream should be viewed as a reflection of reality, not giving importance, not looking for deep meanings.

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