Dream interpretation will tell you what the wedding means in a dream - what is it for?

Some couples today are ready for the wedding to bind themselves forever in divine bonds. But what the dream of a wedding is about - different dream books will tell about it.

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why dream of a wedding
Dream Interpretation: what dream of a wedding

Modern dream book

According to the dream book, a wedding ceremony foreshadows the performance of difficult duties and a clash with overwhelming troubles. The wedding can also dream of the fact that in the near future a person is expected to be very unexpected, but happy changes. When a dream about a wedding came in a dream to a young girl, it means that the dreams of a betrothed will come true in reality. However, when the wedding took place secretly from relatives, then on the contrary, you will have to part with your beloved. If a young man sees himself at the wedding in the role of the groom, it means that in reality he will face misunderstandings and dangerous situations. When you were invited to a wedding in a dream, it means that you will participate in reality in a noisy and cheerful feast.

Female dream book

In the dream book, a wedding in a church is a symbol of the test of feelings that a girl feels towards her lover. To see your own wedding in a dream means: to form a strong family union with your waking person. When in a dream you had a chance to attend the wedding of a young couple, it means that in reality you will again feel a reverent feeling towards your soul mate. It was possible in the dream to be a priest who performs a wedding ceremony - in reality you will feel the threats that hang over close people and try to prevent the bad. However, such a dream suggests that everything is in the power of God and no need to try to intervene in the situation. Wedding can dream of big and very difficult duties, serious troubles.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

When you had a chance to see your own wedding ceremony in a dream, it means that a lot of danger will soon loom over you, so you need to be careful. If familiar people got married, then danger threatens them.

Online dream book

To see a wedding ceremony in a dream means that in reality there are joyful, disturbing soul events.Have you seen in your dream how you got married? Nayavu will find a soul mate. If someone familiar to you is married, you will soon be promoted through the career ladder. You are late for the church wedding ceremony - your family is very friendly and united, and this will become even clearer to you. When a man dreamed that he was the future spouse at the wedding - in reality, he faces a serious risk and considerable confusion in life. In the dream, you were invited to a wedding ceremony - in reality, expect an early invitation to a fun celebration.

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