Dream like a fairy tale

Sleep is an important part of our life. The time that we spend relaxing should be calm and pleasant, so that you have enough to fully restore your strength. For a strong and comfortable sleep, there is such a convenient thing as a blindfold. It helps the eyes to relax as much as possible and hides them from any light, even if it's a daytime dream. You can make such a mask yourself and today I will tell you how. One mask should be: - a small skein of black and, in my case, pink yarn. I wanted to give the mask a little childish mood. - a wide elastic band, a small segment of one-colored or one color yarn. - suitable for the thickness of the yarn. - needle and thread for sewing.
Sleep like in a fairy tale
We start with a chain of six air loops, the seventh loop will be the lifting and transition to the second row.
 Sleep like a fairy tale

Each new row should be knit further l with the addition of the sides of one new column.I decided to knit this mask with crochets, but you can choose any other pattern you like. Here the main thing is that the pattern allows you to maintain the necessary shape of the mask. When the expansion reaches about 10 cm, attach the canvas to the eye, if you are comfortable and it tightly closes your eye. That can no longer be expanded. Tie two or three rows without extensions and begin to narrow the rows to make a notch for the nose. Narrowing is almost the same as expanding, but instead of an additional loop in the lower column, we skip the whole column. This should be done from two sides of two new rows, and then only from the side where the nose will be.
 Sleep like a fairy tale
Periodically apply half of the mask to your face and measure, how much more must be tied up to the nose. Otherwise, the mask can be either too wide or narrow. When half of the mask will close your temple, the upper cheekbone and half of the nose can stop the narrowing.
 Sleep like a fairy tale
The second half is knitted mirror the first. That is, first we expand the canvas, then we knit two or three rows in equal rows to the last and narrow it to the required size.
Sleep like in to a fairy tale
On each side of the mask we make“ ears ”, which will be held together with rubber to make the mask more comfortable to wear. Sleep like a fairy tale
Now we make the decor for our mask so that it becomes more fun and more interesting. Take a black yarn and knit a chain of 12 air loops.
 Sleep like a fairy tale
Unwrap the chain and tie it up by tying" cilia ".
Sleep like a fairy tale
Make two such" sleeping "eyes and sew them onto the mask.
 Sleep like a fairy tale
That's what turned out.
 Sleep like a fairy tale
In such a soft and tender mask your dream will be calm, and dreams fabulous.
Dream like a fairy tale

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